If you are wanting to host a party for some guests then you have come to the right place, below you will find some mouthwatering dishes you will just want to try. You might have just moved into your new home, so are throwing a housewarming party. This is amazing, make sure you have everything in place and know what you are doing before you send out those invites. Make sure you also consider people’s food aversions or allergies when it comes to creating your dishes.

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No party would be complete without a nice, simple buffet-style layout. We say nice and simple but it can be rather time-consuming making sure you have everything prepared. Some things you can buy and keep in the fridge for a few days. Other things you will need to prepare on the day. If you are making things, you could encourage your family and friends to make stuff and bring it along too. Alternatively, you could hire a catering company to make sure everything goes smoothly. When it comes to the food, ideally you should have finger foods such as cocktail sausages, cheese & pineapple, and quiches. 


If you are having a sit-down dinner with set courses thrown in then you will need to think outside the box and serve wonderful edible food. This can be tricky as not everyone likes the same thing. If you check with your guests before they come then you will have time to plan something everyone will eat. You might want to follow a theme and make your starter and main fish related, shellfish to be exact. For a starter you could serve a lovely homemade prawn cocktail, this has been a staple on menus since the 1960s. You simply get a cocktail glass, place some lettuce in the base and then place your prawn cocktail mixture on top. Simple yet elegant and makes the table look delightful. For a main, you could think about serving scallops, take a look online for a gorgeous pan seared scallops recipe


If you have vegetarians coming to your dinner party don’t be afraid of what to serve them. There are some lovely recipes and meals you can serve. You might even want to try some of them yourself. If you are making a meat dish such as heartwarming spaghetti bolognese then you could quite easily do a vegetarian version of this. All you would need to do is switch out the mince for a meat-free alternative such as Quorn mince. Everything else would be made the same way so it wouldn’t be too much trouble. If you want to do something completely different for your guests then how about a risotto. 


If all your guests are meat eaters and you want to go the whole nine yards then you could think about doing a roast dinner. You can put the meat on the table with all the side dishes, that way people can help themselves. You also won’t need any table decorations as the food will class as the decoration. A roast dinner is a great family event, so if it is just a get-together for family members then this is the way to go. A roast dinner is lovely in the winter, you will need to think of something much cooler for the summer months. If you are throwing your dinner party in hot weather then how about something along the lines of Piri-Piri chicken served with new potatoes and salad. 


If you have children coming to your dinner party then they may not eat the adult food you are serving. You will need to think of something that all the children will eat so you are not making four or five different dishes in your kitchen. A lot of children will eat the usual chicken nuggets or pizza. If you want to serve something healthier you could make them homemade burgers and chips, you could also put some salad on the table so they can help themselves. In terms of dessert for the kids, you can serve them yogurts or ice cream with sauce and sprinkles.


The world is your oyster when it comes to desserts. You can serve one or offer a selection to your house guests, there are not many people who will turn down dessert. One example could be homemade cheesecake with whipped cream. You can either buy the whipped cream or make it yourself. You could also give them the option of ice cream with their cheesecake. Another great dessert option is a fruit platter, this is good for those of your guests who are wanting to be healthy. 

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We hope you found this article useful and it helps you on your way to impressing those party guests with your culinary skills and delights.

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