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While popular destinations have their own charm, it is always a better idea to explore offbeat destinations that are still undiscovered. You never know in advance what you will find in these places because not many people have explored them before. That’s why the offbeat destination has its own thrill. It can be quite a challenging adventure for you here and you have to plan everything yourself. If you are planning to go on a summer vacation and are bored of visiting all the popular places, then we are telling you some of the best offbeat hill stations where you can visit:-

Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the Solan district, Barog is another picturesque hill station that is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka-Shimla Railway. Being located at a distance of only 300 km from Delhi, Barog is a good offbeat summer getaway. When you’re here, visit Dolanji Bon Monastery, go camping at the Barog Camping Ground, and take a walk in the fascinating Suketi Fossil Park. Best places to visit in India in 2022

Chikaldhara, Maharashtra

Located in the Amravati district of Maharashtra, Chikhaldara is considered to be the only coffee-producing hill station in the state. The beautiful lakes, falling waterfalls, and mesmerizing views will not let you come back from here. Apart from this, this hill station is surrounded by wildlife conservation forests. When visiting, do not miss to visit Narnala Fort, Tribal Museum, and Semadoh Lake.

Doodhpathri, Jammu, and Kashmir

Dudhpathri, also known as the Valley of Milk, is a good alternative to the tourist place Gulmarg. This bowl-shaped valley is surrounded by deodar trees. Doodhpathri is situated at an altitude of 8,957 feet above sea level, amidst the snow-capped peaks of the spectacular Pir Panjal range. You can reach here by 2 hours drive from Srinagar.

Lachung, Sikkim

Lachung is an offbeat destination located in the northern part of Sikkim. It is about 100 km from Gangtok. If you are planning for summer vacation, then you can include this in your wish list. Gurudongmar Lake is the main attraction here which is a very beautiful place. There are also some beautiful waterfalls and apple orchards. It is situated on the banks of the Lachung Chu River, which flows right through the middle of this village.

Lambasingi Hills, Andhra Pradesh

Lambasingi Hills is popularly called the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh as it receives several snowfalls during winters which is quite rare for hill stations located in the southern part of India. It is as cold as freezing temperature here in winters. You will never be able to see the full sun blooming here before 10 am. This place is at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and is about 100 km from Visakhapatnam.

Mirik, West Bengal

If you’re looking to beat the city heat for a holiday to a place where you can find peace away from the noise, skip Darjeeling and head to Mirik. With spectacular views of Kangchenjunga and sprawling tea gardens, Mirik is a gift of nature. The center of all the attractions here is the ancient Samendu Lake.

Mangi Tungi, Maharashtra

It is a famous holy place for pilgrimage as well as known for its hills. There are two peaks with a plateau in the middle, and tourists have to climb about 4,500 steps to reach the summit, which has many monuments of historical and religious value.

Raithal, Uttarakhand

Raithal village in the Garhwal Himalayas is visited by experienced trekkers, who use it as a base for the popular Dayara Bugyal trek. Few people have explored this hill station and the green hills covered with mist will be a great attraction for you. If you go here, definitely see the ancient temples of Raithal. You must also visit the Someshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shani Dev when you are here.