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If you’re someone who loves working with kids, you can easily transmute that passion into a career of your very own by starting a business that focuses on providing the next generation with as much as possible. And even though working with children is rather specialized, it’s actually a lot easier to do this than you might think! 

After all, catering to children means marketing to their parents, and if you can offer an advantage they’re missing out on, they’re sure to sign up. And with that in mind, we’ve listed some of the best business ideas that are orientated toward kids below. If you need a little inspiration before getting up and running, keep any one of these in mind. 

Start-Up a School

If you’ve got a background in teaching already, this could be your chance to start up a school or teaching program of your own. A little private school that caters to the kids in your area is a great way to get involved with the next generation and to offer the kind of syllabus you wish you had when you were a student. 

Look into the schooling issue where you live. What do parents want from the school system? And is there anything you could offer within your own private school that can’t be found elsewhere? Once you’ve established this basis, it’s time to think about premises, the staff body, incorporation, and enrollment. 

What will parents have to pay to get their child into your school? And how can you make sure the cost is worth it? By having classes that can’t be found anywhere else? By employing top talented teachers? It needs to have an element of exclusivity that you’re trying to make more accessible to the children of today. 

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Become a Private Tutor

If opening up a whole school isn’t really your thing, you can just become a private tutor who offers specialized classes instead. If you’ve got a skill that can’t be found within the normal curriculum, or you’re especially good at a subject many kids struggle with (such as math or science), your services could become easily in demand. 

Maybe you excel at playing the piano or violin? Maybe you’re a very good artist who knows the ins and outs of a paintbrush like the back of your hand? Maybe you’ve got plenty of math medals from taking part in championships when you were a bit younger? If you’ve got an academic head about you, you can offer it up as a service and help kids to succeed in their studies. 

Start a Summer Camp

Summer camps are a lot of fun, and allow kids to get hands-on with nature, outdoor activities, and to make friendships that’ll last a lifetime. So if you’re someone who loves to be outside and remembers the good times at summer camp when you were young, why not start up one of your own? 

All you need is the right license, the space to host the camp, people to help out, and an idea of what you want to do there – it’s a lot simpler to set up than it sounds! You’re also going to need to look into insurance to ensure you’re covered if someone gets hurt during camp hours, but that’s a normal part of structuring a business. 

Once you’ve got the legal items in hand, it’s time to start advertising. To make this even easier on you, use tech like Day Camp Registration Management Software to open up communication channels as soon as possible. Parents need to be involved at all stages, but your employees all need to be in the loop as well – an automated form can quickly take care of that! 

Open Up an Educational Farm 

Of course, you’ll need to have your own farm business all ready to go, but if you’ve got the land, crops, and animals, you can invite local schools and private groups over to learn a thing or two. Knowing where your food comes from and how humanely animals are treated when in the food chain is always a good life lesson. 

But if you’re not a working farm on that basis, you can walk the kids through your conservation efforts, or how the agricultural sector really works. And if there’s a hands-on section that allows the kids to hold and feed baby lambs and goats, they’re going to love their day out to see you! You could even run a volunteer program to get older kids involved and give them some experience in a field that often goes overlooked by the educational system at large. 

Create a Parent and Baby Group

It’s not just school-aged children you could cater to here; you could also simply start up a parent and baby business for new moms and dads in your area. Not only could you run communal groups through this company, where new parents can come together to socialize and interact with their babies on a deeper level, but you could also start selling your own products. 

This is an especially good idea if you’re a parent yourself. You can make deep connections with other parents in your area that’ll help to reinforce the bonds of your community. 

You can choose a parenting niche to focus on here, or you could dabble in a bit of everything – from rhythm classes for babies to toddler groups that help expend their energy. And as a local business, they’re much more likely to come to you for new baby bottles/formula than the supermarket down the road that can’t tell their customers apart! 

If you love working with kids and encouraging their natural inquisitiveness, starting a business that serves them could be the perfect choice for you. So whether you’re more of a hands-on person that would love to run a summer camp or you’d prefer to tutor on a one-to-one basis, there’s a whole world of child services you could get involved with.