Looking for ways to become more active while you sit at your office job all day, every day? Stand-up desks are a common solution when trying to stay fit while working, but how worthwhile is it? Most of us would ideally like to walk and exercise more during the week than we actually get to, but unfortunately, we end up sitting in the same office chair 9 – 5 which, ultimately, isn’t the best for our health. Rather than sitting down, you can do your work standing up which essentially burns more calories – this is done with a standing desk. 

Standing desks have increased in popularity over the years and for good reason. While some of you may go to the gym, or walk to work, others find it hard to incorporate exercise once getting a full-time job. As a result, using a standing desk can be very beneficial in improving your health. 

So, what are the benefits of a standing desk?

1.    Burns more calories. 

A lot of weight gain happens when you start working a full-time job simply because you don’t move, and you definitely won’t be burning any calories by sitting down. While you obviously can’t rely only on standing up to lose weight, it does make a huge difference. Also, because you’re already standing, you’re more likely to move around during the day which will help burn even more calories. 

2.    It will help reduce back pain. 

Sitting down all day is known to cause back pain after a while, which is not only uncomfortable but can seriously affect your productivity levels. Using a standing desk will sort out any bad posture issues and, as a result, will help improve any back pain caused by sitting down.  

3.    It can help improve your productivity. 

Standing will help improve your posture and increase your energy levels which can help you feel more productive during the working hours. Essentially, you’re naturally increasing your energy levels simply because you can’t zone out when you’re standing up, you always have to stay upright (otherwise, you’re just going to fall). Whereas, when you’re sitting down, it’s a lot easier to just slouch and relax. 

4.    More engagement.

A standing desk makes it a lot easier to engage and work with other members of staff. It often makes your workspace more social as you are able to easily move around people and you’re already at eye-level whenever someone walks by. 

However, despite the various amount of benefits, standing desks are not all they are made out to be. There can be some downsides to using a standing desk especially when you first make the transition: 

1.     When you first change to a standing desk from a standard one, you’re likely to find it uncomfortable and tiring which will not boost your productivity levels. In the long term, you will start getting used to it; however, if you often work long hours then you might struggle to stay comfortable. 

2.     It might not offer as much privacy as a traditional desk. Usually, with standing desks, you will stand out more especially if you’re in an open office where others are sitting down. For some people, privacy is essential for working productively so you will have to decide what you’re comfortable working as. 

Ultimately, standing desks are a great way to keep active during the working day; however, they can be tiring. The best option is to have a mixture of the two – adjustable tables when you can sit down when needed or stand up when you feel you could do with a bit more energy. If you don’t like the idea of standing around all day, getting up to move every now and then when at work is a good start to staying fit. Whichever route you choose, companies like TCG Direct can help you make your decision.