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It doesn’t matter how careful you are when it comes to taking care of your sink. Eventually, even the most lovingly kept drains will get clogged, even if it is just an issue with the underlying sewer lines. There are simple tricks, however, that can help you keep your sink running even in a pinch.

Cleaning the Sink

It’s important to make sure that you sanitize the exterior of the sink regularly — luckily, that is not too tricky. You’ll want to use a soft rag or a nylon sponge, paired with mild soap, to wipe down surfaces that might be accumulating grease or stains. Remember to avoid abrasive cleaners like bleach when you’re working with stainless steel sinks, as these can cause damage to the metal. Rough sponges are also risky, as they can scratch the sink and leave unsightly marks. These marks are difficult to remove once they’ve been created and can persist for years.

Maintaining Your Drain

Drain cleaning is also an important part of making sure that you keep a clean and operational sink. You’ll notice that your sink is clogged when it takes a while to drain or when it begins to back up after draining fully. A clogged sink does not necessarily happen because you have done something wrong and can sometimes be caused by mineral buildup or accumulated grease from years of use. If it’s an issue as simple as meat grease, you can usually unplug the drain by using a combination of baking soda, salt, and cream of tartar to soften the clog. Following this blend with a quart of boiling water will ensure that you dissolve any blockages in the pipe.

Preventing Backups

If you start to smell an odor like rotting eggs, however, it may be a sign that you are getting sewage backed up into your pipes or that there is a break in your water lines. This is an issue that should always be addressed by a professional, as trying to fix it yourself can result in worse damage to your plumbing. Sewage gas can also be combustible and can cause fires if exposed to an open flame.

Sinks are crucial to multiple rooms in your home and should always be monitored to ensure that they are in prime working condition. With the above tricks, you can ensure that you stay one step ahead of any potential issues that might arise.