vintage black and brown station wagon

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Old cars are like old shoes; they get more and more comfortable over time. You know where everything is. You are familiar with all the noises and quirks. More importantly, you can park in a tight corner with your eyes shut. When you drive your car for a long time, everything becomes second nature. 

Unfortunately, most drivers prefer to change vehicles regularly. Indeed, an old car can feel boring after a while if you don’t look after it. So, it’s important to establish a maintenance routine to keep up with cleaning, repair, and crucial paint correction. Lack of maintenance is the number one enemy of old vehicles. Therefore, looking after your car and ensuring that you can spot problems early will prevent unnecessary costs. 

There may be a lot of reasons why you want to keep and maintain an old vehicle. More often than not, emotions play a significant role in your decisions. Perhaps, the vehicle used to belong to a loved one, or it is a classic car and you want to keep it. 

So how do you prolong the life of your car?

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Build a garage

There is no miracle solution. Keeping a vehicle for longer means minimizing exposure to the elements. If your car is parked outside, it is constantly in contact with dust, wind, humidity, and sunlight, which can damage the paint and lead to corrosion. 

So, if you don’t have a safe garage where you can park your car overnight, now is the best time to build one. We strongly recommend clearing a spot in your front yard where you can set the foundation for the garage. It may be worth considering equipment rentals to level the soil and remove vegetation first! 

Get familiar with the basics of mechanics

Nobody expects you to become a fully certified mechanic. However, getting to understand the basics of how your engine works and what it needs can prevent many unnecessary costs. It may be a good idea to join a course in vehicle repair and maintenance, though, if you can’t find a trusted mechanic in your local area. 

Which skills do you need to learn and why? 

Essential old vehicles tend to develop mechanical faults over time, which can’t be diagnosed with sensors or digital technology as it is the case with modern cars. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to get the repair you need. Being able to tell your mechanic what is wrong with your vehicle can save you a lot of hassle!

Invest in specialist gear

If you don’t drive your car frequently, the battery could get empty rapidly. Unfortunately, if you keep a classic car, for instance, you are likely to use it only occasionally. So, to reduce pressure on the battery, it is helpful to use a battery conditioner and charger, which will top up the charge without needing to jumpstart the vehicle every single time. 

Having a garage you can safely lock also allows you to disconnect the battery when you are not using the car. 

Do you want to keep your old vehicle for as long as possible? An old car can become a precious family heirloom with the right amount of care. It is always worth investing your time and effort in a vehicle if it can save you money in the long term. And who knows? You may want to sell your car in a few years. Therefore, the better you look after it today, the better deal you can make tomorrow.