Setting up an Expo booth is an exciting way to keep up with the competition and attract new customers. While your business products will be the centerpiece of the display, don’t overlook the other elements that can give your booth star power.

Include Company Branding

Although it may seem obvious, make sure your business brand is clear but not overbearing. Post the company logo and mission statement to remind expo visitors who you are and what you do. Arrange the display in company colors if you have designated hues. Otherwise, opt for sharp but complementary contrasts, such as red and black or silver and blue. Make sure the font size is readable and large enough to read. The table cover and skirt should be clean and neatly arranged. At a glance, visitors should be able to immediately grasp the essential components of your display.

Use Adequate Lighting

Although the expo will be generally lit, some areas may be dimmer than others. Bring your own lighting to make your table more visually appealing. Browse the extensive range of lighting options at Lightbox Shop. These types of sites and businesses provide professional designs that look great with contemporary or traditional styles of table decor. Backlighting adds ambiance to your area while mini lights create a sparkling effect. Table lamps suggest a more intimate tone, and arched lighting contributes a celebratory feeling. A moderate, attractive lighting setup will make your table more noteworthy.

Be Approachable

Stay focused on the crowd and expo visitors who approach your table. Greet them with a smile and listen patiently as they explain their questions or interest in your company products. Avoid a pushy approach to selling your products or persuading people to do business with your company. Don’t get caught up in texting or talking on your mobile phone or conversing only with one visitor. Be welcoming to anyone who shows interest.

Give Out Swag

Bring inexpensive giveaways for people who visit your booth. Link it to your company’s brand or to the products on display. Choose a useful item that visitors will appreciate, such as a back scratcher, a home spa kit, or a retractable tape measure, depending on the products you are promoting. Pens imprinted with the company name re also helpful gifts.

Your expo booth should be interesting and appealing without looking garish or over the top. A clean, well-lit booth with a vase of fresh flowers or individually wrapped miniature chocolates strewn on the table will attract customers to your display.