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Children are out of school soon for the summer, and parents must find activities to keep them busy to avoid them becoming idle. While camps are a great option, keeping them busy is essential for those families who don’t want to send children away during the day. Please continue reading to discover some DIY crafting hobbies that children can do to enhance their creativity and skills. These crafts will keep children busy and happy beyond summer, and parents will enjoy their children’s newfound hobbies.

1. Cake/Cupcake Decorating

If there is one thing that children love, it is dessert or snacks, including cake and cupcakes. And for kids, the more icing and other applications there are to the cake, the better for children. That is what makes cake decorating a fun DIY craft project for children. For parents, regardless of your eating style, complete diet, vegan, or vegetarian, there are dessert and snack options that you can work on with children.

Parents will never have children who don’t want to participate in cake or cupcake decorating. In addition to the ingredients for baking, including cupcake holders, some supplies for DIY decorating include:

  • Disposable or reusable piping bags
  • Various piping bag tips
  • Candies/jimmies/sprinkles
  • Gel food coloring

2. Crocheting

While some children want instant gratification, others enjoy the process of watching something take form. Crocheting is a process whereby textiles are created using a crochet hook to interlock loops of thread, yarn, or other strands of material.

As a DIY craft project, crocheting is inexpensive and can be a great way for children to enjoy a hobby and have quiet time. Other benefits of crocheting for children include:

  • It helps develop fine motor skills
  • It is a way for children to express themselves
  • Helps develop a child’s creativity
  • Great for self-discipline

3. Woodworking

As its name implies, woodworking is a craft that uses wood to cut, shape, and join pieces together to create a decorative object or valuable thing. It is excellent for anyone who loves problem-solving and building.

Some tremendous DIY woodworking projects for children include making a workbench, birdhouse, folding camping chair, candy dispensers, and even a robot.

There are DIY woodworking kits for children for parents who aren’t sure where to start with projects for children. These kits include wood that has already been cut, drilled, and prepared with all the specifications for the intended tasks. They only require standard household tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, or sandpaper to complete.

4. Kite Making

If there is one thing that children love, it is seeing something floating in the air. That makes kite making one of their favorite crafts and can be hours of fun making and flying. Some of the materials needed to make kites include:

  • Paper
  • Wooden skewer
  • Kite string
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Tape

There are several kites and step-by-step instructions online for parents who aren’t particular about making kites. Kite making will bring children hours of fun indoors, making their kites and outside flying them.

5 Lettering

For children intrigued by the art of hand lettering, calligraphy and lettering are fabulous DIY projects. For parents, lettering and calligraphy are among the least expensive crafts children can do.

Lettering teaches children the virtues of practice and patience since both are needed to master the craft. Beginner workbooks introduce children to the basics of hand letters and modern calligraphy. Those workbooks include lots of practice and show different ways for children to put their talents on display.

6. Sewing

If you have a fashionista child, teaching them the art of sewing will allow them to express their creativity and help them develop their own identity. Children can make everything from backpacks to items to dolls on a sewing machine. Additionally, the hand application of buttons and appliques is essential and beneficial to children.

In addition, teaching children the fundamentals of sewing is as crucial as teaching them to ride a bike. They are fundamentals that, once learned, will never be forgotten.

Parents and children will also learn that once children learn how to sew, whether using a machine or by hand, your child can personalize any part of their wardrobe or personal items.


As you have read, summer can be a mixed blessing and curse for families with children. While camp is always a great option, some families cannot afford day camps or are not fond of them as a memory for their children. Therefore, the six DIY crafting items listed above for you to defeat are a good fit for your children to be engaged and ready for the next adventure.