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Water is the healthiest drink you can put inside your body. It’s essential to allow our bodies to be healthy and function correctly. Having said that, you’d be lying if you said that you drank enough of the stuff. Most people do not drink the recommended daily amount of water, which could cause various health problems

If you were to ask yourself why you don’t drink water, what would be your answer? In most cases, it’s because water tastes bland and boring. You’d rather have a can of soda or something sweeter – which is usually full of sugar and bad for you if you drink too much of it. 

With that in mind, here are three hacks that will help you drink more water by making it taste way better:

Infuse it with fruit

Get a water bottle or a glass of water and add some sliced fruit to it. You can add whatever you want, but citrus fruits tend to be the best choice. Some sliced lemon, lime, or orange can add extra flavor to the water and make it way tastier. Alternatively, adding strawberries or raspberries can also add an extra zing of flavor. 

It is best to do this in a bottle as the fruit can sit there and infuse the water for hours. Therefore, you get a stronger flavor. It’s like drinking fruit juice, but without all of the extra sugar. 

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Filter it and drink it cold

Okay, this is two hacks in one. Cold water is infinitely tastier than warm water. A problem lots of people have is they keep water in a bottle and it’s warm by the end of the day. The easy solution to this is to use something like a Chilly’s bottle that keeps the contents cold for hours. This way, you have fresh, cold, water whenever you need it. 

Moreover, water can sometimes have a weird taste to it – especially if it comes from a tap. To counter this, you can get things like The Reservoir water filter to filter out any contaminants and leave you with clean, crisp, drinking water. Combine these two tips together and you have water that tastes so fresh without anything added in. 

Use a scent-based water bottle

Your final trick is to consider jumping on board with the latest water bottle craze. Scent-based water bottles, like Air Up, have become super popular because of the science behind them. When we taste things, it is claimed that around 75-95% of what we ‘taste’ is actually down to our sense of smell. Smelling things makes our brain think that we are tasting them. This is why it’s hard for you to taste anything if you have a blocked nose when you’re ill! 

Scent-based water bottles are based on this. They include little scented rings or things by the mouth of the bottle, which you smell whenever you take a sip. As a result, your brain thinks that the water you’re drinking tastes like whatever you’re smelling. So, you could feel like you’re drinking flavored water, but it is clean water free from any sugar or additives. 

Which one of these tricks do you like the most? Give them all a try to see which one helps you drink more water and be healthier!