When it comes to getting your house ready to put on the market to sell, the ‘rules,’ which include decluttering, painting, cleaning, and setting the scene, are something that all of us are familiar with and are aware of.

But is it enough, especially considering how competitive and challenging the local real estate market currently is where we are?

When it comes to putting their home up for sale, many homeowners forget to do some of the things that need to be done, including the things covered in this article, which is one of the reasons why their homes are not ready to be sold.


Take special care of the area immediately surrounding the front door.

When potential buyers arrive to view your property, they will first notice the front door and entryway. Therefore these areas must convey a positive first impression. If your doors are starting to show signs of wear and tear, you have two options: you can either give them a new coat of paint and clean them thoroughly, or you may replace them with outside wooden doors.

Be sure that you do not overlook the more minor aspects, such as giving your letterbox a thorough cleaning, laying down a new and clean front door mat, buffing and shining any hardware that is located on the door, and giving any lights that are found surrounding your front door a dusting and wiping over. Although they are relatively minor alterations, you may significantly improve the property’s overall curb appeal due to their application.

Raise all of the blinds and pull back all of the drapes.

A home that is well-lit and full of natural light creates the illusion that it is larger, that it has been cleaned not too long ago, and that it is a great deal more pleasurable overall. To ensure enough natural light for the photographs to be taken, you must open each of the blinds and curtains to their full extent. Window coverings that are dirty or broken should be replaced as soon as possible since nothing blocks out the light more effectively or gives the feeling that one is being neglected more than window coverings in poor shape. Make sure that the windows on the ground level are also spotless before continuing.If your property needs new windows, it may be worth getting them sorted here before putting your house on the market.

Be careful to clean up your gutters as well as your roof.

Any potential buyer who is worth their salt will cast their gaze upward and quickly inspect the state of the roof and the guttering before making a purchase decision. Unfortunately, even when the underside of the roof is in good form, it may give the illusion that it is in a state of decay if the roof’s surface is covered with dirt, mold, and moss. This can give the impression that the roof is falling apart.

If there is a layer of muck on the roof, as there is on most people’s roofs, give it a complete washing with a pressure washer to get rid of as much of it as possible. If a layer of muck is on the roof, give it a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. If your roof looks damaged, many potential purchasers will choose not to look at your house. Even if it is evident that things will show up in a survey, the great majority of people will not even get to that step if there is visible harm. This is because most people do not even get to that point. In many instances, the expense of making repairs to a roof may be pretty significant, amounting to thousands of pounds. If the damage is very severe or expensive, it may even make it impossible to complete mortgage applications.

Remove unnecessary items from the outside of your house

The phrase “declutter” comes to mind when thinking about this situation. Many people have a lot of clutter in their gardens, which may consist of signs and objects hung from the ceiling to gnomes, porcelain ornaments, bunting, and everything in between. This clutter can be anything from signs, and things hung from the ceiling to everything in between. Get rid.

As is the case with the inside of your house, prospective buyers want a clean slate, a blank canvas on which they can leave their imprint. If your garden is full of “you,” it can be pretty difficult to envisage how they might utilize the area, just as it is with the interior of your home. You can not deny that they have a charming appearance and that they contribute to the overall appeal of your garden as a location to spend time. However, prospective purchasers want a clean slate, the equivalent of a blank canvas, so that they can envision themselves living there and making it their own.

Put any children’s bicycles, scooters, and other outdoor playthings that are lying around in the storage shed, or at the very least, arrange them in a tidy and organized way in the corner of the shed. A corner of the shed will suffice if you do not have a storage shed. If you would not do it inside where other people could see you, then you should most certainly not do it outside where they can see you. It is imperative that you remember to cut the lawn and organize the flower beds. Also, during showings of your home, do not hang any of your clothes up to dry; you do not want potential purchasers to be able to see your underwear fluttering in the wind.

These are uncomplicated tips, the majority of which are easy and inexpensive to put into action; but, they are all things that may truly make the difference between selling your house and not selling it at all. If you give them a chance, you could be amazed at how quickly your home sells after doing so.