military man in uniform holding pen while writing on clipboard near laptop on desk

Becoming a veteran is truly a noble, honest, and admirable accomplishment. You very much deserve the time that you now have to pursue other passions and figure out what you plan to do now that you’re post-service. In which case, you may also be wondering what exactly to do with this free time and how you could best spend it.

Volunteer in the Community

Many communities are in need of volunteers for a variety of different purposes. You might participate in local food or clothing drives, or you may start tutoring at-risk youth in the library. If no real opportunities to volunteer currently exist near your home, consider starting up a program. The best way to begin is to determine what needs the community has. For example, you might pioneer a program to clean up graffiti on local buildings or to revive the arts in the neighborhood high school.

Go to School

Whether you’ve been wanting to return to school, get another degree or attend college for the first time, now is the right moment. You can enroll in an online university for military veterans to see what virtual classes are like, or you can start taking courses at the local community college or university. You may have a specific field that you want to pursue. If not, dabble in different courses until you find the right fit.

Consider a Job

While you may not have the desire to return to a full-time position now or ever, you could consider a part-time opportunity. Some people work for the sake of having a regular schedule or getting hands-on experience in a field that is of interest to them. If money is not a concern, seek out a job that you always have thought about doing. Find out if a flexible schedule is available so that you can offer only the days and hours that work best for you.

Pursue a Hobby

You don’t necessarily need to obtain a degree or get a job in order. Sometimes, simply spending time enjoying a hobby is enough to fulfill the soul. Consider a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Another possibility is to return to a hobby that hasn’t played a role in your life since you were a young child. Some possibilities include playing the keyboard, making scrapbooks of memories, going on nature walks, or collecting stamps.

Now that you’re a veteran, you may be wondering what to do with your time. Having a schedule and activities to pursue is good, but make sure to allow yourself the space to relax as well. Overall, putting some thought into what you plan to do now that you’re home is a good first step to whatever you end up doing when you get home.