If you have been having a few drinks with a friend, eventually it will be time for them to get behind the wheel of their vehicle and go home. But as you know, the last thing you want is for them to be driving home drunk. If they do, the results could range from them being arrested for DWI to possibly causing a catastrophic accident. Instead of having either of these scenarios take place, it’s important for you to determine if your friend is safe to drive. To do so, here are some things to remember.

A Normal Conversation

Should you have concerns about your friend’s ability to drive safely, pull them aside and attempt to have a normal conversation. When doing so, pay attention to whether or not they are slurring their speech, as well as the speed and volume at which they are talking. If all seems normal, chances are they are okay to get behind the wheel.

Keeping Their Balance

While you don’t have to perform your own version of a police field sobriety test, it will be important for you to notice your friend’s ability to maintain their balance while walking. If they are swaying from side to side or falling down, letting them drive home will mean they will definitely be in need of the services of a DWI attorney before the night is over.

Quick Reaction Times

When people are too drunk to drive, their reaction times tend to be much slower than usual. To test this, you should pull out your smartphone and challenge your friend to a video game with which they are very familiar and also quite good at playing. If you notice they are making unusual mistakes or don’t seem to understand how to play the game, don’t let them put their keys in an ignition switch.

Memory Loss

Finally, test your friend’s memory to see if they can remember things that happened only a short time ago. For example, ask them what your previous conversation was about, what day it is, and the location they are in at that moment. If they are having trouble remembering information that should be simple to recall, chances are they have had too much alcohol to drive home in a safe manner.

As you’ve heard many times before, friends don’t let friends drive drunk. By taking a few minutes to check your friend’s speech, memory, and reaction times, you may ultimately save their life as well as the lives of others on the road.