Aerating your lawn is one of the best ways to keep your soil and grass healthy and can help ensure better growth. Lawn aeration is done to allow more water and nutrients to get into the soil. The process can be performed by poking holes in the soil or by creating pockets of air in the soil with a core aeration machine. When you aerate this summer, your lawn can benefit in the following ways.

Limits Yard Puddling

If you notice puddles of water that form on your lawn and other parts of your property after a rainstorm, lawn aeration can reduce the excess water formation. Your lawn will be able to absorb water better after aeration has been performed, and this can limit puddling.

Less Thatch

Thatch is a layer that consists of dead and living organic matter from your lawn. Although some thatch is good for your lawn, too much of it can prevent your soil from receiving water and vital nutrients. More pests that may harm your lawn can also reside in thick coats of thatch. Lawn aeration can reduce thatch formation so that your lawn will be able to breathe easier and get more of what it needs to thrive. You can also eliminate excess thatch by using a product like a Sweep-All lawn sweeper.

Loosens Soil

Soil that becomes too hard and compacted usually can’t absorb water and nutrients as efficiently. Lawn aeration can break up compacted soil at the root level to help ensure healthier grass growth. After the compacted soil has been loosened with the help of lawn aeration, you’ll likely notice fewer dead spots or thinner areas on your lawn.

Fewer Weeds

One of the best ways to reduce weed growth in your yard is to aerate your lawn. More grass can grow from soil that can breathe better and receive more water and nutrients, and this can limit the room that weeds need to take root and sprout. The extra grass growth can also limit the sunlight that weeds need to grow, and any weeds that are trying to sprout in your lawn will likely die quickly as a result.

If you want to ensure that your lawn gets the best care possible, lawn aeration can be an important step. With the right products and methods that are needed for proper aeration, your lawn can look good throughout each season.