Whether you’re in a rush to find a new home due to a job relocation, or if you can take a leisurely approach, explore several resources to find the property that is best suited to your needs and interests. Here are some proven methods for locating available homes that may be exactly what you are looking for.

Ask Relatives and Coworkers

When you’re ready to announce your house search, ask extended family and your coworkers if they know of any homes coming up for sale in the areas you are interested in. Someone might have a relative who is planning to retire and move away, or a family with grown children might decide to downsize. Even those who don’t know of specific properties can spread the word to their extended range of relatives and friends to see if anyone knows of a home listing that you might want to see.

Post on Social Media

Let your home search be known on social media to people you know and trust. Even if they are less familiar than close friends, they may know of a home that is about to be listed or one that is going to lower the asking price, which might fit your budget. Include details that would help to narrow the search instead of receiving dozens of housing tips that may not be what you are looking for. For example, instead of indicating you are looking for a house in a certain part of town, mention the number of bedrooms and baths you are hoping to get unless those things aren’t important.

Check Real Estate Listings

Browse area realtor listings for homes in your price range and preferred neighborhood. If you find one with potential but not exactly what you want, contact the realtor about seeing the house. You might be able to live with the questionable element, such as a backyard firepit or the lack of patio if the rest of the house is just what you’re looking for.

Drive Around Desirable Neighborhoods

Take a drive or a walk in the neighborhood where you hope to find a home. Schedule viewings of homes for sale that you can visit during the day and at night, as different times of day can bring out certain features of the house. Get an idea of the local residents and nearby shops, banks, and schools as well as amenities like a gym or spa. After a discreet inspection, you might change your mind about wanting to live there and decide to look elsewhere.

Shopping for a home is fun and interesting. But it can also be difficult if you’re not sure where to look or how to find the property you want. Try these tips to cast a wide net to increase your chance of success in finding the right home.