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Changing careers is pretty common these days. Gone are the days of remaining with the same employer or in the same career for 50 years. Now it’s normal to look for something different if you’re no longer satisfied with your current career. There are multiple ways to make a career change, but the idea of changing careers can make you anxious. It might mean starting from the bottom or spending a long time studying to make a change. However, there are easier ways to make a career change and get what you want from your work. Try these tips to find the right career.

Transfer Your Skills and Knowledge

Many people worry that a new career means starting again. They don’t want to be back in an entry-level position with an entry-level salary. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you’re thinking about changing careers. Instead of starting again, you can take stock of your existing skills and work out how they might qualify you for other roles. It often doesn’t matter if you have experience in a specific job if you’re able to show you have the correct skills. You might still need to learn some new things, but you won’t have to start over.

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Move Into a Different Industry

One way to make use of your current skills and experience is to consider moving into a different industry. This can be enough of a refresh that it feels like a career change, even if you’re still technically in a very similar role. Working in different industries can really affect the way your job feels and what your work looks like. For example, working in admin for a medical provider could be very different from an admin job for a retail brand. Consider what other industries might offer you an interesting change.

Study Online

The idea of going back to school might discourage you from a new career. It can sometimes mean having to give up or cut back on work so you have time to study. But there are ways to make your studies easier. You can use online study to help you, with options like HVAC trade school online and other manual career paths. Plenty of postgraduate courses can be found online too, which can make it easier to pursue a new career path by building on your current education and qualifications.

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Make a Plan

When you have a better idea of what a career change might look like for you, making a plan can start to get you on your way. Think about the steps that you need to take to achieve your goal so that you have it all laid out. You can think about jobs that you want to consider, where to look for appropriate roles, how to use your network to find what you’re looking for, and more. A plan will help you to see just how much work you need to do.

Changing your career doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are ways to achieve your goals without too much stress.