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There is a certain appeal to a curved gaming monitor. Not only do they look good, but they also really amp up your whole gaming experience. So, if you are thinking about buying one, read this guide first. We have compiled the most compelling reasons why you need a curved gaming monitor and also have information on where you should buy one. 

What Are Curved Monitors?

Curved monitors are just that, monitors that are curved. They come in, most commonly, three different specifications generally depending on their specific radius. These are 1800R, 3000R, or 4000R and all they mean is varying degrees of radius. The lower number dictates a lower curve radius and the higher number means, you got it, a bigger curve. There are figures in between these, like we said, these are just the most commonly manufactured. As a gamer, you might buy one to create a more surrounded session. 

A Better View All Round 

You can get an authentic immersive gaming experience with this type of screen. They cover your peripheral vision and therefore, offer less distractions to the eye. This can help you focus on your game and get lost in the moment in a way that rectangle screens fall short on. They are traditionally larger than standard rectangle screens, owing to the change in shape. Though you can buy one as small as 24 inches all round, we suggest that you go bigger. When it comes to a curvature, the bigger the better realistically. These screens are built for their stunning visuals, so you want the size to be able to truly reflect that. The intended effect might just be lost if you buy a smaller screen. 

Good For Multi Monitor Gaming 

You can use a curved monitor in the same way that you would use multi monitors. It can give you the same experience in that you can fit multiple adventures on one screen if the screen is big enough and you get a surround virtual reality experience as well. This saves on wires and makes for a more comfortable gaming environment all round. 

Where To Buy a Curved Monitor

You can expect that, given the advanced technology, a curved monitor will cost more than a rectangle one. This is true, but you still don’t have to break the bank to get one. Try looking first at Lenovo curved gaming monitors. Expect to pay upwards of £300, which is the baseline for a decent curved screen. If you have a bigger budget, you will be able to get something a bit more technical with a better screen resolution. 


A curved screen may just feel like a big investment, and you’re right it is. But it is an investment that will be worth the bucks when it comes to your new and improved gaming station. Not only can you immerse yourself completely in the game, but you can also create a nirvana of a gaming space unencumbered by multitudes of wires and monitors.