When the air conditioning in your home is out, you still need to do all you can to stay cool. The temperature in your home might feel okay for a while, but it will start warming up. At best, it will get uncomfortable. At worst, it might get dangerous for pets and those who are susceptible to high temperatures. Knowing ways to keep cool when the A/C is out can help you get through this tough time.

Stay Hydrated

Your body’s primary method of cooling itself off is sweat. Even if it’s not so much that it drenches you, it happens all the time. You need to stay hydrated for this to happen so your body can keep getting rid of excess heat that it doesn’t need. Plus staying hydrated is even more important when your house is heating up.

Turn On All Your Fans

While you’re sitting around waiting on HVAC repair, turn on all your fans. Ceiling fans and stand fans can get air moving around a room. They don’t actually lower the temperature of the room, but the evaporative effect they produce can make your body feel several degrees cooler since your sweat will dry off and take the heat with it. You can even get box fans delivered to your doorstep within an hour in most cities. Vent fans in ceilings and bathrooms can remove moisture that reduces indoor humidity.

Get Wet

If you have a swimming pool, then dive in. Visit a local pool if you have access to one. If not, why not play with pets and kids under a sprinkler in your yard if you have one. A quick, cold shower might help a little, too.

Run a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier doesn’t work quite exactly the same as an air conditioner, so it won’t cool the air down as much. However, it will remove humidity and moisture. The result is more dry air, and that’s a lot easier to put up with when the A/C is out.

If none of these are effective enough to get you through until the A/C is repaired and working again, always consider piling everyone in your home into the car and heading out. Whether it’s a meal in a restaurant, a long movie in a dark theater, or even an overnight stay in a hotel, you might have other places available to you when the air conditioning working while your home is without.