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It’s no secret that YouTube is the leading video platform for millennials. It’s so popular with young viewers that it has been called a “welcoming site.” With more than one billion user accounts and two-thirds of those users actively watching videos every month, there’s a lot of opportunity on YouTube. If you have a Youtube channel and want to generate income from your videos, read on for five monetization ideas you can start implementing today.

1. Create and Curate Educational Content

One of the best ways to monetize your Youtube channel is by creating and curating educational content. While this may seem challenging, it’s pretty simple. Sure, you could always offer your viewers step-by-step tutorials and show them how to do something in detail, but what will they learn? If you create videos that are informative, detailed, and easy to follow, viewers will need to come back for more. 

This will also help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Another great option for monetizing your Youtube channel is through affiliate marketing opportunities. You can earn commissions on online purchases made by your subscribers after watching one of your videos.

2. Offer Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual reality is the next big thing in entertainment. With 360-degree videos becoming more popular, VR videos will only continue to increase viewership. What’s more, YouTube is one of the go-to sites for VR content since they have partnered with various VR manufacturers to create various 360-degree videos. 

If you own a Youtube channel, consider creating a few virtual reality videos and monetizing them with ads or sponsored posts. This could be used to boost your views and potentially generate money from your channel’s subscribers to purchase these experiences on YouTube.

3. Create and Publish Voiceovers for Website Monetization

One monetization idea for your Youtube channel is to create voiceover content for websites. This can be a great way to increase your income and generate more revenue for your business. By creating voiceovers, you have the potential to increase brand awareness by 20 percent or more. 

You can also market your brand by getting the word out via social media that you are offering free website voiceovers on YouTube, which can help you build your following and generate more views on videos. 

Another way of monetizing your videos is to publish them on Amazon’s ad platform. With Amazon’s program, you can sell ad space on your YouTube video for $0.25 per 1,000 impressions. Amazon can also sell ad space across videos for $1 per 1,000 impressions, resulting in higher earnings once you build up a large following and gain more views on your content.

4. Run a Live Streaming Service Like Twitch or YouTube Gaming

The best way for you to monetize your Youtube channel is by running a live streaming service like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. You can charge viewers who want access to your video feed. You’ll also be able to make money from the ads displayed on your video stream and from the subscription fees that users pay. For more information about running a live streaming service like these, visit the websites listed in our text box below.

5. Use Machine Learning to Deliver Automated Content

One way to monetize your Youtube channel is by using machine learning to deliver automated content. Machine learning is the practice of programming computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. With machine learning, you can program computers to identify and predict what people will be interested in watching on YouTube based on their viewing habits. 

Then you can deliver that content automatically in a video format that’s relevant to the viewer. It takes human labor out of the equation and allows you to focus more time on creating quality videos. Another way machine learning can help your channel is by analyzing other people’s viewership patterns and generating customized recommendations for them based on those patterns. This will help you drive more views and conversions with less work.

6. Create Custom Videos

In an era where advertisements constantly surround us, it can be hard to monetize on YouTube. However, there is still a market for ads if you create the right content. One way around the ad-based monetization model is to create custom videos. If you have a niche audience and can create customized videos that cater specifically to them, then there is a good chance that they will be willing to pay for your videos rather than watch an ad. 

Creating personalized videos also helps with search engine optimization (SEO). People will find your video more relevant and rewarding when they know that you’ve been customizing your content for their specific needs.

7. Affiliate Marketing

One way to make money on Youtube is through an affiliate marketing network. This is the act of promoting a product or service to earn commission from the sale of said product or service. This has been a popular monetization strategy for Youtube channels because it’s easy to start and can be scaled quickly to generate revenue. All you need to start affiliate marketing is a unique username and your website, blog, or social media account. 

You then create an advertising campaign that includes the link to your Youtube channel and the name of the product or service you’re promoting. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission from that sale. If you choose this method for your monetization strategy, make sure you promote relevant products to your audience.


As online video grows, there are plenty of ways and opportunities to monetize your YouTube channel in 2022 by considering these tips.