Keeping your boat properly maintained will help your boat to run well and last many years. Without proper maintenance, severe issues can crop up, leaving you without being able to use your boat, and having to pay a lot of money to have it repaired. There are several things that you should be doing to keep your boat maintained properly.

Checking the Bilge Pump

The bilge is the bottom part of your boat that collects excess water when you are out in it. This pump will work to remove the excess water, keeping the boat afloat and running smoothly. If the bilge pump is not working properly, your boat may run poorly, or it may begin to sink. You will want to periodically check the hoses on the pump for blockages and debris. If you find any blockages, make sure that you clean them out well. If you have an older bilge pump, you might want to consider a replacement. Some people even install a backup bilge pump in case the first one fails.

Inspect the Engine

At least every six months, you should be lifting the engine of your boat out of the water to inspect it. Check the hoses that go from the engine for cracks. These hoses supply gas to the boat, and if they are cracked, it can cause the engine to go out. You will also want to look for any corrosion on the motor. If corrosion happens, parts of the engine can get exposed to the elements. If you ever plan to sell your boat and get good Boat and Yacht Reviews, you must have any corrosion you see repaired.

Inspecting the Propeller

Another part of your maintenance should be the propeller. Tighten the nut and bolt so that the propeller does not loosen during boating. Check for damage to the propeller. Chips in the propeller can cause your boat to not be efficient. This means you will be using more gas each time you go out. You will also want to grease up the propeller so that it stays in good working condition.

Checking the Electronics

Your boat will have many electronics and instruments that help you find out your gas level, directions, and your speed. You will want to check to ensure that each gauge is working as it should. If you do notice anything that is off, you will want to investigate the issue. It could be an issue with the wiring going bad. If this is the case, you will want to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Changing the Oil

You should change the oil and oil filter of the boat when it needs it. Failing to keep the oil levels up, and not keeping the filter clean can eventually cause your boat’s engine to fail. Not enough or no oil will cause the engine parts of the boat to rub up against each other, causing massive amounts of damage. Giving your boat the recommended oil it needs will help to ensure that the engine runs for many years.

The Battery

You will want to inspect the battery on your boat at least every few months. You do not want to be out in the water, and then the battery goes dead. Take a multimeter so that you can see the charge. You will also want to see if the terminals of the battery have any corrosion building up. If they do, you will want to clean them. If you notice that the charge on your battery is low, you will want to replace it as soon as possible.

Cleaning Your Boat

The next thing you should do to maintain your boat is to clean it thoroughly. Both the inside and outside of the boat should be cleaned. The boat should be removed from the water to do this. During the cleaning, the inside and outside of the boat can be inspected for any issues. If issues are found, they can be fixed immediately.

Keeping your boat well maintained will help to ensure that it lasts for many years. If you decide to sell your boat, you will have no trouble selling it for its full value. Start working on maintaining your boat today.