In order to live a long, healthy life, physical health is a mandatory practice to maintain. Sure, some people can eat junk food, smoke every day, and live a long life. However, for most people, a health and fitness plan is a necessity. If you’re not used to leading a healthy lifestyle, the transition can be understandably tough. There are a few key ways you can motivate yourself to become successful in starting a fitness plan. Why not start with these 50 best workout quotes to help you kickstart your fitness journey!

1. Buy Stylish Exercise Outfits and Sneakers

When you look good, you’ll feel good. When you’re exercising and see your reflection in the mirror, it’s nice to like what you see. One of the ways you can motivate yourself is through a great wardrobe. 

It’s easy to find workout gear at any price point. Develop your workout uniform, and watch your confidence elevate.

2. Curate High-Energy Music Playlist

Music sets the tone for most experiences. If you’re trying to get through a heart-pumping workout, know that a high-energy song holds the power to make you think you’re having fun as you sweat like crazy. 

Whether you’re lifting weights, running in the neighborhood, or dancing for thirty minutes in the living room, take time to curate the perfect playlist to keep your energy and heart rate up.

3. Set Clear Intentions

If you merely say that you’d like to become more healthy, that’s such a vague desire. Motivate yourself by setting a clear intention. A great intention is that you’ll complete 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on the elliptical machine every weekday at 2 pm. It’s clear and defined.

4. Find Accountability

There’s nothing like the support of a community. You don’t need an entire group of people to cheer you on either. Instead, consider developing a small team of people who can walk alongside you in your journey. 

A personal trainer is a great person to have on your team because they’ll provide assistance with the fitness component. An online nutrition coach is an excellent person to enlist as they’ll help you make wise, sustainable choices as it pertains to food.

5. Prepare Delicious Meals in Advance

When you’re looking to get in shape and remain fit, know that nutrition plays the biggest role. It’s commonly stated that you are what you eat. Instead of being tempted to eat fast food or junk food, become intentional about preparing your meals in advance. Research salad combinations and delicious salad dressing recipes. 

When the meal tastes good, you’re more likely to stick with the diet. Learn how to decrease your daily sugar and sodium intake. Purchase a sleek, reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. As you prioritize nutrition, your body will reflect those positive changes.

6. Track Your Progress

Fitness apps can be a lot of fun because they allow you to see how many calories you’ve burned for the week, how well you performed, and more. As you track your progress, pay attention to details such as the time of the workout. If you perform better when you exercise at the top of the morning, you might want to make that a consistent practice.

7. Cultivate a Relaxing Sleep Routine

Sleep is such an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can consume a few cups of coffee and power through without a lot of rest. Do your best to get at least seven to nine hours of rest each night. 

Create a nighttime routine that includes a cup of tea, a warm bath, or a good book. As you focus on falling asleep each night at the same time, your body will get the opportunity to repair and restore itself. When you get enough rest, you’ll become more likely to make good decisions that’ll benefit your health and fitness.

8. Reward Yourself Along the Way

Give yourself small treats as you become consistent. Do something nice for yourself each month that you remain consistent. As your body changes, buy a new outfit that showcases your best assets well. After pushing through a long week, go get a massage to relax those muscles. As you find pleasure in the process, you’ll become more likely to stick with your journey.

Wrapping Up

While it’s nice to have fitness goals, make sure you focus mainly on the lifestyle portion. When you’re constantly in a state of trying to look a certain way, you might invest too much energy into a fleeting concept. Focus on improving your performance each day, and make the fitness plan a lifestyle change. You’ll be all the better as a result.