As a parent, you know that children change everything. They change the way you live, what you do for fun, and the way your backyard is set up. The issue is figuring out what to do to make your backyard safe and fun for them. The following are some features you can add if you have children.

A Pool

Those who love the idea of being out, especially during the summer, might benefit from installing a pool for their kids. It might be a good idea to keep the pool relatively shallow to reduce the danger. You could also modify the pool. Make one side of it shallow and another not so shallow. Then, just make sure your kids stick to their side. Kids don’t always listen, so you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t do anything they shouldn’t.

Pool Safety

If you’re going to install a pool, don’t forget to add pool fencing. You’ll be surprised to find out that many parents install the pool without even considering fencing. Your kids aren’t always going to be swimming, and when they’re not, there needs to be a barrier. This will protect them from tripping and falling into the pool. It’ll keep them from accessing the pool when you aren’t there to supervise them.


Those who have a large backyard could also add a playground for the kids. This could be in addition to the pool mentioned earlier, or maybe it could replace the pool. Some folks just don’t want pools in their homes, and that’s okay. If this happens to be you, it’s okay because your kids will love a playground just the same. You can go as big as you want. Maybe install more than just a slide, but add swings and monkey bars, too. Everything kids might need to have a fun adventure back there.

Soft Ground Cover

Many backyards have dangerous ground. Some of these hardscapes have sharp edges. If your kid falls on this type of ground, they’ll be hurt. You don’t want that to happen. You don’t want to put them in that kind of danger, and you don’t have to. You can designate an area for your kids to play in that’ll have soft ground cover, like thick rubber tiles or maybe artificial grass. Tiles come in different colors if you want them to look more kid friendly. You’ll want soft ground cover under their playground if you add that feature.

The Playhouse

Maybe your kids just need a playhouse where your kids can go to have privacy. It’s like having a home away from home that’s within the safety of your property. They can have pizza nights there. They can host parties with all their friends. There are countless things kids can do in their playhouses. Keep in mind that playhouses come in many shapes and sizes. You can even have a treehouse installed for them.

Sports Addition

Some kids love sports, and if you know your kids love sports, then you might want to consider installing something that’ll make that easier for them. Now, you will have to find out what sport is going to be played most often in your backyard. If your kids love soccer, then you need a soccer area. If they love football, then you’ve got to change your plans accordingly. It could be that your kids don’t love a particular sport but want to just exercise. If this is the case, consider something like a climbing wall.

Think of Shade

Children don’t know when to stop having fun. If their bodies can keep going, they will do so. This means they’re going to be out there in your backyard for hours under the hot sun. While that isn’t horrible since vitamin D is important, they need protection. Sunscreen only goes so far. You may want to ensure your backyard has plenty of shade. You can install trees, but you can also install shade sails. While trees look stunning in a backyard, they can also cost a pretty penny to install, especially if you’re going to install mature trees, but it’s up to you.


These are some additions you can consider for your backyard, but there are many more. Talk to your kids to find out what they want in the backyard, and let their dreams guide you.