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You’ve decided to install some carpets in different areas of your home. It’s a clever choice; they add an element of comfort that no other flooring option can boast. They’re also safer for little children as you don’t have to worry if they fall over. 

Having said that, carpets do require more maintenance than other flooring types. If you’re not careful, the cost of carpet maintenance can be exceptionally high. This is why you’re reading this post; you’re about to learn three simple ways to save money on carpet maintenance: 

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Vacuuming your carpets is critical if you want them to stay in the best condition possible. This helps you get rid of dust and dirt that will otherwise be stuck in the fibers for ages. As a result, all the dust and dirt will weaken the carpet and lead to patches forming. Just like that, you’re paying to have your carpet replaced or repaired very frequently. 

All you have to do is vacuum once a week to prevent an accumulation of dirt. It’s genuinely that simple, so find the time to fit this into your cleaning schedule. 

Freshen your carpet with sprays or detergents

Similarly, you should look to clean your carpets fairly regularly with sprays or detergents. Now, you can find a carpet store that might stock some cleaning sprays that are suitable for your specific carpet. If not, you should still ask the staff for recommendations as they will know what works best. 

The benefit of cleaning your carpet or freshening it up like this is to prevent horrible odors and stains. You can clean any stains before they settle in and need to be removed by some experts. As a result, you’ll spend less money on carpet maintenance. 

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Protect your carpet

Thirdly, you should actively look to protect your carpet from things that can damage it. Most notably, people walk on it in sneakers or shoes. Avoid doing this as it will ruin the carpet fibers and make it more likely that it starts to fade and tear. Make a rule in your house that nobody is allowed on the carpet in their shoes! 

Likewise, it’s a good idea to move furniture around now and then. If you leave it in the same place, the pressure of the furniture legs on the carpet can lead to indents and holes. Moving things around can prevent this, but you could also buy plastic carpet protectors to put under sofas or chairs. These protectors will absorb some of the pressure, stopping your carpet from taking the entire force. 

Just like that, you can save a lot of money on carpet maintenance. It is a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year or so to further prolong their lives. But, these tips stop you from constantly forking out money on repairs, additional cleaning services, and carpet replacements. They’re all easy for you to implement, so start following the tips to keep your carpet in tip-top shape!

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