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When putting up your house for sale, you want to get the highest return on investment possible, and in the least amount of time. Trying to sell a property is not the easiest task, but you should ensure your house is in perfect condition to attract more buyers.

Make interior and exterior updates

No matter how well you have been maintaining your house, you need to make it more attractive for potential buyers. There is always something you can do to improve the look of your home. Add a fresh coat of paint, both inside and outside. Apply neutral colors to make your house look and feel brighter and airier. Adding a few upgrades to the kitchen could increase your house’s value. Consider changing the backsplash; this alters your kitchen’s whole look.

You can replace the house’s water taps with modern faucet taps for a more sophisticated look. Upgrading the bathroom also increases your house’s value. You can change the tiles to more modern ones and add a few features like a mirror, shaving lights, a medicine cabinet, storage spaces, and fix modern necessities like a soap holder and tissue holder. If you can, install details like gypsum ceilings and modern cabinetry. Make all the repairs necessary, like loose handles, scuffed walls, and light bulbs.

Do not forget to take care of the exterior, as this is what makes people interested in seeing the inside. Mow the lawn neatly and keep your yard neat and clean. Pay attention to the small details like having neatly pruned flowerbeds, adding mulch or layers of rock, and having a few plants and neat grass along your driveway. Upgrade the lighting both inside and outside the house.

Find a home inspector

A professional home inspector should be able to thoroughly check your house for any problems that you may need to address before listing it on the market. They inspect your house for issues like mold and termite infestation. Most of the issues are usually unforeseen, and it is critical to address them early enough. It also gives you time to financially prepare yourself and helps you estimate how much you need to budget for the revamping before selling it. You can compare the prices of different California home inspection companies to find the best one for you.

Hire a real estate agent

Look for a qualified real estate agent to represent you throughout the process. You can seek your friends’ or family’s advice on finding the most suitable agent for you or speak to a few and evaluate which one you would work best with. Look at their market knowledge, experience level, and familiarity with technology. Also, consider their personality and how comfortable you are doing business with them. A housing agent will make your process much smoother and even handle negotiations and paperwork on your behalf.

Clean, declutter, and reorganize

It goes without saying that your house’s cleanliness will attract more potential buyers. If you can, hire professional cleaners to perform a deep cleaning of your entire space and help you declutter. Take away all the junk items you do not need. You can give them away or even sell them to top up for your expenses. Reorganize your house to bring out its best features and give the potential buyer an idea of what their future home will look like. Take care of your pets, wash them and get rid of all pet smells within your home.

Organize showings

Once you have taken care of all repairs and upgrades, it is time to list your house on the market officially. Schedule showings for people to come to view your home with the help of your agent. Be ready and accommodating to everyone since a lot of people will come. Organize showing times that are convenient for you, like weekends. Your housing agent can use a mobile app to schedule the showings and accept or decline requests and keep track of the prospective buyers. Keep up with the taxes and paperwork to facilitate a smooth property transfer.

As selling a house is not a walk in the park, proper preparation and working with the right people will make it easier.