Rear view of businessman and businesswoman looking at plan and empty office space

When running a successful startup, it’s likely that you’ll outgrow your first location. Relocating can seem like a hassle, but it allows for better organization, a smoother workflow, increased inventory, and more employees. All of these things can help your business to continue to grow. But how can you tell if it’s time to move? Here are a few signs that your business needs a larger office.

Finding brand new office space for rent isn’t the easiest thing to do in the current market, especially when more and more people are choosing to work from home or pick a hybrid method of working. Instead of panicking, figure out what your employees want and go with that.

Standing Room Only

If your staff feels or looks packed in like sardines, you need a bigger office space. Moving around freely to complete tasks should not be difficult. Staff members spend a great deal of their time at work, and should be able to comfortably spread out projects, set items and inventory down, or even simply hang their coats in the winter. It’s also best for each employee to have their own dedicated desk that they don’t have to share with others. If your team is turning sideways to squeeze past one another in passing, consider this your queue to contact a realtor.


If you’re running out of storage space for inventory or files, larger office space is a solution worth considering. Using boxes to archive old paperwork and files is great, but the stacks add up quickly. Boxes of inventory can likewise be stacked, but these piles eventually get in the way of opening doors, clutter walking paths, and look unsightly. More space will allow efficient record and inventory access and afford you the ability to store these items in an area where customers won’t see them.

Meeting Rooms and Private Spaces

If your team is constantly meeting in cramped quarters or around a single desk, it’s time to find an office space with more designated meeting rooms. Private conversations and client meetings should not take place in the same room as someone is typing away at their computer. Conference calls are difficult enough without background noise and too much commotion. It is also important to have an adequate and inviting break area. Your staff will appreciate the added strategic and recovery spaces.

No Vacancy

If you’re starting to turn away customers because you can’t accommodate them, you need an office upgrade. The most daunting part of relocating is packing and moving everything, so when it comes time to make the transition a solid plan will be imperative. The prospect of this can feel paralyzing, though it doesn’t have to. Corporate movers aren’t just muscles and dollies. These companies are comprised of serious business strategists possessing the transportation, tools, supplies, and muscle to make moving easier for your business, staff, and current customers, while getting you into a space with plenty of room for new customers.

If you decide it’s time to start looking for a new office space to accommodate your business’s growth, just remember that investing in a larger space will help you stay organized and efficient and can really be worth the cost and effort in the long run. It will also render a more professional image to your current customers and open doors to new opportunities to come.