Selective focus of smiling senior woman holding remote controller of air conditioner near husband at home

As we get older, taking care of ourselves often takes precedence over caring for our homes. However, it is crucial to remember that home upkeep must be maintained. The following tips may help to keep your retirement home in good shape. 

Simplify Your House 

As time passes, there may be furnishings and appliances you no longer need. These items are likely to take up space and require occasional maintenance. A freezer for storing large quantities of meat might be sold or donated. Unused furniture like bedroom dressers or living room end tables might no longer be needed. Countertop appliances such as griddles, deep fryers, and toaster ovens may not be used much anymore along with lawn equipment if you have hired a lawn service. Eliminating things like these will reduce clutter and possibly lower your electric bill while also eliminating the need for upkeep and repairs in the future. 

Accept Help 

Be willing to accept volunteer assistance from a friendly neighbor who offers to shovel your walk or rake the leaves. Teach the grandkids how to handle household basic home chores like changing a furnace filter or cleaning out the garage. Your adult children may offer to put in a day of housecleaning now and then. Social groups you belong to, such as a church or charity, might want to help you recycle older appliances or damaged furniture. If no one offers, recruit people to help and provide snacks or let them sell discarded items for cash in return for removing them from your home or tackling household tasks like washing windows or scrubbing the carpet. 

Look for Discounts 

Many businesses and companies offer senior discounts to older individuals. For example, cell phone discounts are available for seniors with limited phone use. HVAC companies may give a reduced rate for annual inspections and checkups. Maintenance services often accept competitors’ coupons for lawn care and handyman assistance. Look for discounts online or ask companies with whom you do business. 

Apply for Home Care Services 

Community agencies for the elderly typically include home care services like housekeeping, cooking, meal delivery, and laundry help. Find out if you are eligible for these programs for free or at a reduced cost. You might be able to have someone help out a couple of days each week with your home’s care and upkeep. Take some time to think about what kinds of assistance you would appreciate so that you can find a home care service that offers exactly what you need. 

Consider these options for making your home’s upkeep more manageable. Simplify your lifestyle and accept available help to keep things running smoothly and safely.