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An engagement party is a beautiful celebration of the new phase of a relationship after a proposal. You are no longer a girlfriend or boyfriend but something more where the next stage is to plan your wedding. 

After your engagement, you may want to share this exciting time with friends and family, and that’s where the engagement party is crucial. 

If you are confused about running the party, here are six tips for having a lovely engagement party.

Plan a Meaningful Day

The day of your engagement party is one of the most important days in your relationship. It’s essential to have a day that truly reflects who you are as a couple, so incorporate the theme into your celebration. Whether you have an engagement party in an open space or inside a venue, make sure the environment feels perfect.

The theme of your engagement party can also be incorporated into activities. For example, you can use photos of the two of you as part of the decoration or host an engagement party with a theme that shares your love story.

Serve Finger Foods

What’s a celebration without finger foods? Every celebration should have finger foods that guests can enjoy at the party. Serve finger foods like bagels with lox and cream cheese, mini tacos, kabobs, and more.

You will not be the one doing the serving, though, as it’s your big day. Neither will your friends and family, as they will be part of the attendees. In this case, you might need to budget for professional event staff that will manage everything from serving food and drinks to managing sitting arrangements. If you live in LA and have no idea where to get such professionals, use the Internet to search “event staffing los angeles” to get quick recommendations.

Invite Your Favorite People

An engagement party is not as big an event as a wedding, so don’t spend too much money on a single event. Remember you still have the main event, your wedding, and it may cost a fortune. You can only invite your favorite people like parents, siblings, close friends, and other significant guests for your engagement party. You want to invite people who genuinely reflect who you are as a couple. Also, the engagement party is an excellent opportunity for your family and friends to know your future spouse better and connect.

Decorate with Reflective Meanings

The engagement party is about you and your loved one with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life. You get an opportunity to share your love with the people closest to you for the party. Some may want to know how you met or how your relationship journey has been from the beginning. An easy way to share this information is by decorative photos. You can print out every photo you took in different stages of your relationship and use them as decorations with themes.

Wrap Up With a Grand Finale

The grand finale of your engagement party should be something that truly reflects your love for each other. It can be anything from a fireworks show to a private photo shoot. It is a great way to bring your day to a close. Use this moment to send a message to your friends and family that they are indeed a part of your love story.

You May Plan an After-Party

If you’re having a formal engagement party, you might as well plan an after-party. You can party with your closest friends or try something new and adventurous. An after-party should allow everyone to unwind and celebrate this beautiful day as you anticipate the next stage. It can involve good music and a few drinks, and you might get to challenge your best people to dance. 


The best way to have an engagement party that genuinely speaks to your soul is to incorporate the theme into activities, only invite your favorite people, and decorate with personal meaning. You want to make sure that your engagement party reflects who you are as a couple. It should also reflect the journey you are preparing to start. It should be a memorable event that you will cherish forever.