Installing drain system in kitchen close up view

On most days, it’s easy to overlook your sewer line. That is, at least, until your sewer line has a problem. Since sewer line repairs can potentially cause significant disruption to your daily life, it’s essential to take care of your sewer lines as soon as you can. Even if your sewer lines are on the decline, you can still take measures to extend the lifetime of this important system. 

Watch What You Toss 

Whether your sewer line is new or old, one of the most important maintenance tips is to be careful what you send down the drain. All types of fat and grease can adhere to the sewer line walls and cause major blockages that can damage the sewer pipe. Flushable wipes can also cause a considerable amount of damage. Although these wipes claim to be flushable, it’s a much better idea to throw them in the trash to prevent pipe blockages. 

Think Through Major Changes 

If you’re planning on making major changes to your home’s landscaping, it’s important to carefully think through these changes to avoid any adverse effects on your home’s sewer pipe. Moving large amounts of dirt can cause the sewer line to shift, leading to cracks in the pipe that will require repairs. It’s always a good idea to have someone survey your land before you begin work so that you know the location of the sewer line. 

Consider Nearby Plants 

Another tip is to consider nearby plants in your yard that could threaten your sewer line. Trees are notorious for growing roots that can eventually push their way through the sewer pipe walls. Although you never want to lose a tree, you may want to consider removing it if it will endanger your sewer line since this could be a messy and expensive problem. If a plant does cause significant damage, consider working with professionals like Spartan Plumbing and Services. Complicated plumbing issues should always be handled by experts since some problems require specific tools. 

Look for Signs of Problems 

One final way to help take care of your home’s sewer line is to keep a close eye on it at all times. If you notice that the drains in your home are draining slowly, you smell sewer gas inside or outside your home, or if you notice an unusually lush area of growth in your yard, it’s best to call in some professional assistance to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. While you’ll still need repairs, they may not be as major if you act quickly after noticing problems. 

Even if your home does require sewer line repairs, the good news is you don’t need to stress. Thanks to improvements in repair techniques, many repairs can be done much more quickly than in the past. These improvements are yet another reason why it’s important not to wait if you suspect an issue with your sewer line.