Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting events that you will ever go through, but that process is going to require a little bit of work. Well before you move in, there are some important steps that you must take if you want to ensure that your home is going to be safe and comfortable.

Schedule an Inspection

Even though home inspections are a vital part of purchasing a home, many first-time buyers don’t even consider having them carried. If you didn’t schedule a third-party inspection for your new home, then you should contact a certified and licensed inspector. They will be able to help you catch and address major issues before you begin moving your personal belongings.

Service the HVAC System

No one wants to finally make it into their home on the first day only to realize that the HVAC system is broken or not working correctly. While some inspectors will thoroughly check vents and condensers, it is also a good idea to work with a licensed HVAC contractor. Building a good relationship with a reputable HVAC contractor in your area could help you avoid expensive maintenance issues down the road.

Contact a Pest Control Contractor

Discovering a pest infestation when you first move into a home is another serious problem that no one wants to deal with. Even a few stray bugs or rodents could quickly turn your life upside down and make the moving process much more stressful. During the first appointment, your pest control technician can also inspect key locations throughout your home to see if there are any signs of previous nests, colonies, or infestations.

Hire a Cleaning Service

While cleaning your new home on your own might save you a little bit of money, that process can be extremely time-consuming. Moving new items in and out of a home can create quite a bit of airborne debris that is going to clog your air filters and leave a film on most surfaces. An experienced cleaning company should be able to thoroughly clean a single-family home within a few hours, and many of them even offer affordable move-in deals.

In addition to these few important steps, you should also consider any work that needs to be done on the outside of the home. Hiring a landscaper or pool maintenance expert could be a great option if you want to enjoy a stress-free move.