Although each Airbnb space is unique by definition, there are some things you can do as an Airbnb host to make your space even more memorable. These personal touches allow your guests to feel at home and encourage them to leave good reviews of your space when they’re done. If you’re not sure how to personalize your Airbnb space, then why not try these four tips?

A Place for Their Luggage

A luggage rack counts among the most important features of a “regular” hotel room and for good reason. It allows guests to stow their suitcases out of the way, which clears space on the floor for other items. There’s no reason why your Airbnb can’t have such a feature. You can provide a commercial luggage storage rack in a modern Airbnb or use a clever piece of furniture, like a footlocker for a more traditional space. Stow it at the end of the bed to complete the look.

A Welcome Home Basket

For all intents and purposes, a person’s Airbnb rental is your guest’s home away from home for the length of their stay. That said, they’re still guests in a new city. As such, providing your Airbnb guests with a welcome basket adds just the right homey touch. To make it memorable, Evolve suggests filling it with items that were sourced locally like produce, craft beers, and souvenirs. At the same time, add just a few nationally recognized brands, like K Cups coffee or mini boxes of breakfast cereal, to give them something familiar to enjoy. If you plan on providing coffee, ensure that you provide the needed details for brewing coffee. For example, including instructions for how to insert K Cups and where to add water before pressing the big button on the top of the Keurig can go a long way for those that may be more accustomed to potted coffee.

Sending Love Home

Small touches, like postcards or greeting cards decorated with local landmarks, give your guests the chance to stay in touch with their loved ones the old-fashioned way. Provide them with a communication area, where they can find postcards, stamps, pens, and other items. They can use the items to write home or they can keep them in their stash of local souvenirs.

Toys and Other Family-Friendly Stuff

Although it’s likely that families traveling with kids will bring some toys along, it’s always nice to have an area filled with items that appeal to families. Small plush toys, little cars, puzzles, and family games give your guests items that will occupy their time and make unwinding in an unfamiliar place a bit easier. Best of all, they don’t have to completely unpack their car to break out the kid-related entertainment, something that tired travelers are sure to appreciate.

Airbnb spaces give travelers the option of staying in a more homelike atmosphere while they travel. With amenities like ready-to-use kitchens and private backyards, it’s easy to see why so many travelers prefer them. If you’re trying to entice more people to come to your Airbnb, then try adding some personal touches like the ones covered in this post to make your space stand out.