When it comes to gift ideas, you may want to get something for your boyfriend that reflects their love for their favorite sport such as a basketball star.  The best gift you can offer them on their birthday is unique sporting gear for their favorite game. While it might seem easy, getting the right gift can be a herculean task. Your sports-inclined boyfriend will also not make things easy for you; for instance, they might be throwing hints all the time in this regard. While there is nothing wrong with getting your boyfriend the gift of their dreams, you need to consider a few things. Most importantly, if you have spent a good part of the week looking for a basketball gift and still you have no idea what to purchase, then this is the right place. This post highlights unique insights on sporting gifts that will leave your boyfriend in awe.

Shot Tracking Devices

Nothing is more exciting than watching your boyfriend make perfect shots at their game on the weekend, whether that’s at the local gym or on a college sports team.  They have probably entertained the idea of being the best shooter in the team. However, to improve one’s basketball shots, a lot of practice is necessary, which takes some time. You can help your boyfriend with this process to develop faster as a player by gifting them a shot tracking device that they can use whenever they practice. The tools are wearable and can be synchronized with smartphones to track the number of successful shots as well as misses during practice. The gadgets will enable your boyfriend to know whether they are improving or not. Armed with this information, it is easy for them to plan practice sessions and make improvements where necessary.

Sports Picks

As a basketball player, your boyfriend is probably keeping up with the local sports games and may even be participating in some fun basketball fantasy games. You could provide a bit of fun money to spend on the fantasy leagues or you could help them make team picks through sites that analyze and provide recommendations for what players and teams to pick. Sites like Official Picks, for example, provide recommendations for picks every week. Not only will they get the excitement of better picks for the week, they’ll also get to show off to their friends when they are the winners week after week.

Return Ball Net

Basketball enthusiasts do not mind going after the ball wherever it bounces after making a shot. However, your boyfriend will agree that going after every wayward ball can get a little bit annoying and tiring. Therefore, you can gift them with a net that allows the ball to bounce off and return to a shooting position. The net is an excellent gift for a driveway training court, and the best part is that it allows your boyfriend to concentrate on making shot after shot without changing positions.

Dribbling Sticks

One of the most challenging parts of basketball training is dribbling. It is because one has to learn how to not look at the ball while handling it. A dribbling stick is, therefore, the perfect gift to help your boyfriend improve his basketball dribbling skills. What’s more, various versions of the equipment are portable and light; hence, they can comfortably fit into their training bag.