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Meaning is something everyone desires, but it’s not always easy to find in the modern world. If you’ve felt like there is a lack of meaning in your life, change things to cultivate more meaning in daily life. By focusing on the cultivation of meaning in day-to-day activities, it’s not hard to create a sense of value. Here are a few things you can do with your family to start living a more meaningful life together this year.

Create a List of Things You’d Like to Accomplish

Having goals can do a lot as far as giving you clear directions on where you’d like to be. For many, feeling as if you’re making progress to a destination is one of the most meaningful things there is. Yet, many people don’t feel such a clear purpose, and that may have to do with a lack of goals. Grab a piece of paper, gather the family around, and ask everyone what they would like to achieve this year. Then, pass the paper around and get everyone to put a couple of ideas down on it, but not too many.

Once everyone writes down a few things, ask them to cross stuff off the list until there are only a couple of items. That should be what you focus on for the rest of the year, and if you do, you’ll get most of it done by the end.

Adopt a Regular Meditation Practice

Vedic Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and it can have a huge impact on your life if done often. Register for a class taught by an experienced practitioner, and you learn a ton with much effort. They’ll know how to teach the techniques necessary for a deep meditative session. Then, you can start learning how to melt away the stress of the day, and you can refresh your mind daily.

You only need to practice for 20 minutes twice a day to see noticeable results, and they’re powerful. Vedic practices are more than 5000 years old, and they’re based on mantras, making them easy to follow. Also, you can measure the impact it has on the body by looking at the brain during a session. Modern science shows a measurable change in the brain’s gray matter density. By improving the density of gray matter in the brain, mediation can boost your resilience a ton.

Spend More Time Outside Together as a Family

Another huge part of a meaningful life is your connections with other people. If you haven’t spent much time with the family lately, no wonder you’ve felt like things lacked meaning. Start by setting aside an hour each day and spend it with the family as a group. You don’t need to do anything special for most to feel like you’re bonding, and that’s important. It’s more about who you are around than what you are doing, so keep that in mind when deciding how to schedule stuff. As long as everyone is on board, they’re all having fun, and you enjoy the time, it’ll be a meaningful experience.

Focus on Developing a Passion and Purpose

Few people wake up with exuberance at the thought of wasting hours in a cubicle, but that doesn’t stop them. Instead of looking at your work as the source of meaning in life, create your own after hours. It would help if you involved the whole family, plus you can teach your children what it means to be passionate.

Don’t overcomplicate things when deciding what to do since that only overwhelms you. If you’re at a loss, look at what you focus on naturally and use that as inspiration. Most of the time, that’s what’s driving you, and it’s a great starting place. For example, if you’re always on top of the latest sports, see if there’s a hobby group nearby. Then, get the family to join it, or they can watch you partake on the weekends.

Creating a Meaningful Life With Your Family

Meaning pervades, but you must learn to cultivate it first. It seems as if it’s an elusive concept for many, even if it’s something you create on your own. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to learn how to live with meaning if you have a good teacher today.