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Graduation season is almost here, and if you’ve got a college student who is ready to take that leap, you and your family likely want to celebrate. You can still commemorate this special occasion while social distancing by planning a party that is enjoyable and speaks to the graduate’s personality. Here are 10 great ideas for your child’s college graduation party.

Scavenger Hunt

Make your child’s graduation party interactive with a scavenger hunt. Include gifts that remind the graduate of their childhood or include items that have to do with the graduate’s major (i.e. an easel for an art major, a stethoscope for a pre-med student). At the end of the hunt, you can present the “prize” of your graduate’s professionally framed diploma. If your son or daughter is graduating from the University of Texas, you can purchase a UT diplomat frame that your graduate can display in their new home.

Trunk Party

Have a trunk party for your graduate so they’ll have practical items to use in their post-graduate home. Purchase a beautiful trunk that the graduate can use as a furniture piece and fill it with small appliances, area rugs, and of course, a few gift cards won’t hurt, either.


Celebrate your son or daughter’s college graduation with a brunch. Include all the foods the graduate enjoys, and have a bottle of champagne on hand to toast the graduate for reaching this impressive milestone.


If your graduate loves spending time outdoors, plan a gourmet picnic as a graduation party. Include artisan cheeses and organic fruit, and ask guests to share their favorite memory of the graduate while extending their good wishes to the guest of honor.

Tea Party

Ask the guests to wear their favorite sundresses and suit jackets to an afternoon tea party for the graduate. Serve teas in delicious fruit flavors and prepare fancy tea sandwiches while the graduate and guests enjoy the sound of a harp player or live jazz band.

Day at the Beach

Graduation often takes place in the spring or the early part of summer which means the weather is perfect for a day at the beach. Celebrate your graduation by having fun in the sun with your family as you enjoy some healthy snacks, take a swim, or make sandcastles together. You can also play some of the graduate’s favorite tunes and propose a toast honoring this momentous accomplishment.

Evening Gala

Plan a formal event with close family and friends to commemorate the graduation of your son or daughter. Ask everyone to wear formal attire, hire a live band to play the graduate’s favorite songs, and ask loved ones to prepare short speeches congratulating the graduate. You can also have a fancy dinner catered to make the night complete.

The Gift of a Vacation

After your graduate has worked hard to obtain a degree, you can reward them with a vacation. Think about the activities the graduate loves to do and whether they prefer warm or cold weather. Start planning the vacation months ahead of time so you can whisk the graduate away after the ceremony on a surprise vacation to say “congratulations.”

Sports-Themed Celebration

Colleges are often associated with sports teams, so you can schedule a celebration featuring the sports team of your graduate’s alma mater. Decorate in the colors of the team, and feature some pictures of your graduate in their athletic gear if they played sports in college. Play the college fight song or encourage everyone to sing along while you make a toast to the graduate congratulating them on a job well done.

Slumber Party

If your graduate wants to have a fun evening with friends that takes them back to their childhood, you can plan a slumber party. College symbolizes getting out into the “real world” as an adult, so childlike fun can be a great way to commemorate this milestone. You can play board games, watch movies, have great snacks, and even have a pillow fight or two while you celebrate graduation.

These fun and creative ideas are a great way to show your graduate how proud you are of them. Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, and a customized celebration will create fond memories that your graduate will hold dear for years to come.

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