HVAC systems don’t last forever, but with proper maintenance, you can extend your system’s life. With careful cleaning and attention to certain details, you can lengthen the life of your HVAC system by months or years. Read on to learn about four things you can do to extend the life of your HVAC system:

Replace the Filter Regularly

Replacing your filter regularly is an important way to extend your HVAC’s life. This is especially important for anyone who doesn’t use their AC or heat as much in fall and winter when milder temperatures call for less use. You can typically find replacement filters at hardware stores or home improvement centers, just make sure to grab a filter that meets your system’s specific requirements.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Preventative HVAC maintenance is another important step to keep your system running. Regularly having your air ducts cleaned is an easy way to keep dust and pollutants from entering your home. Regular cleaning can also help you detect and fix problems with your system before they get worse. For example, a professional will notice if your vents need to be sealed off or if a duct has been punctured.

Reduce Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Humidity is bad for your HVAC system. Experts recommend protecting your HVAC system from excess humidity by using a dehumidifier set to 50-60% relative humidity. This will help to reduce wear and tear on your unit, extend the life of the system, and lower your utility bills. Moreover, if you have an air conditioner that cools or heats water for your radiant flooring, humidifiers can also help prevent premature failure of these systems.

Insulate Your Home

If you’re trying to get more life out of your HVAC system, take steps to insulate your home. You may be surprised at how much insulation will help protect your HVAC system. According to Energy Star, each inch of additional insulation helps cut energy use by 3% and it’s estimated that 80% of homes would benefit from more insulation. Start insulating your home today to give your HVAC system a new lease on life.

Learning to properly care for your HVAC system will ensure that it works effectively throughout its lifetime. Use this guide to extend the life of your HVAC and make sure that you’re taking care of your system properly.

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