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If you have recently hurt your arm, and you can feel the pain radiating from your elbow – it can make life pretty miserable. 

We don’t often realize just how much stress and staring we put on our joints until they are painful and we can no longer use them. 

So what can you do to help your elbow recover and start being able to use it again soon? 

Rest the elbow

This might seem like it would be an easy first step to take; however, as mentioned above – you might not realize just how much you use your elbow. So how do you rest your elbow? 

Where possible, use the other arm to do the tasks that you have to do. It can take up to 8 weeks for the elbow to become less painful. 

When sitting, rest your elbow in a neutral position, try to avoid carrying or lifting with it, and only drive for short periods of time. 

Tennis Elbow Strapping

As your elbow heals, you are going to want to give it as much support as possible. KT tape tennis elbow is one of the best options. However, it is important that you have fitted it correctly to get the most out of it. 

The KT tape isn’t just for the support of your elbow either; the compression properties can help to reduce swelling and reduce the over discomfort. 

Pain medication

Usually, the pain of a sore elbow is more noticeable in the first week or so. If you can talk to your GP about it, you might get the option of some better painkillers. If you wish to use OTC medication, then choose something that can reduce swelling as well as reduce pain. 

Often the inflammation in the area will add to how painful it is. 

If you would prefer to use something topical, then an ibuprofen-based gel formula can be a very effective option. 

Consider how much pain you are in and if you should be heading to the DR or you can manage it at home. 

Ice and Heat

To help reduce the inflammation and the pain levels, you can apply an ice pack around four times a day and leave it there for 15 minutes. This should only be done in the first few days of your elbow issue, though. 

Swapping to warming packs will give your elbow the right flow of blood and relaxation that will help to promote healing. 

Ice restricts blood flow, which is useful to stop swelling. But for longer-term healing, warm therapy is a better option. 

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If you regularly take part in sports, you are going to want to have your elbow back in action as soon as possible. Massage therapy stretches, and specialized exercises can help you to retain the strength in the elbow without causing any more damage. 

You should make sure that you only use a licensed professional so that no extra damage is done and your recovery is aided, not hampered. If the damage is excessive, then you will need a trusted set of professionals around you; here are some that you should consider: Sports Medicine: 5 Ways Medical Professionals Can Keep Your Body Going