As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms ever, TikTok is projected to have 755 million monthly users by this year. 

Due to the nature of TikTok being such a massive platform, the styles of videos that are popular and successful are truly ever-changing. 

Luckily for you, we’ve recapped a few favorites! Take a look at some of the biggest TikTok trends so far in 2022:

A Day In The Life 

Kind of a no-brainer based on the title, but this trend allows people to share “a day in their life” with their audience via TikTok video. 

Unlike some other trends though, this one doesn’t have one particular “sound” that it’s paired with it. Instead, creators pick a song that they feel matches the vibe of their day. They then will typically overlay clips of their day with text narration or voiceovers explaining details of each part. 

Some of these videos are aspirational, showing you how to be “that girl” who has her life together. Others show more “realistic” daily routines that audiences find relatable.

Tell Me Without Telling Me

The gist of this trend is creators making videos where they state “tell me you’re *blank* without telling me you’re *blank*.” 

One notable example includes “tell me you know your boyfriend won’t cheat on you without telling me your boyfriend won’t cheat on you,” where creators posted videos of their boyfriends doing things that made their affections clear. 

This trend is a great one for people just starting out on TikTok as the creative possibilities for this trend are pretty endless – maybe you’ll even get lucky and go viral for your comedic genius. You can also check out tools like Celebian to help you grow your account!

The “Crazy” 

A recent trend to pop up in the TikTok world is the “crazy” trend, where creators tell stories of them behaving in an unhinged way. These videos all use the song “Crazy” by Patsy Cline as their background. 

Many of the videos under this TikTok sound feature women detailing stories of their “revenge” on previous partners who have cheated or otherwise wronged them. In fact, the most popular video under this sound has 5.6 million likes and shows a woman admitting to sprinkling “$30 worth of instant mashed potatoes” in the yard of a cheating ex the night before forecasted rain resulting in the man’s yard “becoming a potato pit.”


Another creative and hilarious trend is the #InspirationalQuotes videos. You may expect these to be full of uplifting content, but instead, creators take things like weird DM’s or comments and put them on stock photo style backgrounds as “inspirational quotes.” 

In one niche on the platform, creators who are parents have made these videos featuring things their children have said to that that have been nonsensical or unintentionally mean. Who doesn’t love a throwback to a #ChildrenSayTheDarndestThings moment! 

What TikTok Trends Will Be Next?

Though the future can’t be predicted on a platform like this, it’s sure to be fun watching the way TikTok trends will continue to change and evolve. 

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