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Attorneys are licensed by the state in which they practice law. There are two types of attorneys in most states: personal and general. Personal attorneys are primarily concerned with the legal aspects of a client’s case. On the other hand, general attorneys are concerned with all aspects of their client’s cases and are often called “all-purpose” or “full-service” attorneys. Here are the differences between a personal and a general attorney.

What is a Personal Lawyer?

A personal lawyer, someone who works at a firm like Grall Law Group, primarily practices in a specific area of law. They may have other practice areas, but this one area will be their specialty. For example, suppose you have a case involving real estate. In that case, your attorney will be concerned with that area and handle all aspects of your case related to that area, such as negotiating contracts for you, obtaining title, insurance, and deeds for you, etc.

What is a General Lawyer?

A general lawyer is an attorney who handles all areas of law for their clients. As mentioned above, this type of lawyer may have other specialties but generally handles every aspect of the legal matter for their client. Many general attorneys work at a local law firm and large firms that cater to clients in all cases.

Some of the cases they handle include:

• Real estate

• Family law

• Civil litigation

• Taxation

• “General” legal matters, such as employment law and estate planning.

How to Choose the Right Attorney

When searching for an attorney, you can look for things, but it is not always necessary to have all of these things. For example, you do not need to have a formal education in law. However, you should be aware of the following when you are searching for an attorney:

• Experience: Experience is important in all areas of the law. Personal attorneys have more experience in a certain area than general attorneys, and they can help their clients with their problems better because they have been through them before.

• Education: Attorneys usually come from a college or university, and they usually have a legal background.

• Type of Law: There are different types of law, and general attorneys can help with them. Some attorneys specialize in a certain type of law, while others are generalists.

Are General Attorneys Better Than Personal Attorneys?

General attorneys are not necessarily better than personal ones. They both do the same thing; however, there may be some differences. For example, most personal attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation, while general ones usually charge for this meeting. Personal attorneys usually work on an hourly basis and only take cases they want to take on. General lawyers will also take cases that they feel like taking on as clients often pay for a certain amount of time to be taken on by them.

As you can see, personal attorneys know their clients and what they need, while general attorneys are more hands-on with their clients and will help them in any way that they can. They both do the same thing, but one does it better than the other.