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For smokers, it’s hard for them to quit smoking because it takes time for the body to get used to the lack of nicotine in your body. If you have smoking friends, you should give them something special for their birthday to make them feel special and loved when they receive these gifts. Here are some gifts you can give a smoking enthusiasts for their birthday.

1. Humidor

You can gift a smoking enthusiast with any cigar humidor for their birthday since there are different types of humidors. For example, you can buy a wooden humidor, a metal humidor, or an acrylic glass humidor. Cigar humidors are made of different materials and are designed to keep cigars in perfect condition. They have hygrometers installed to ensure that the humidity level is maintained at the right levels. Additionally, a cigar humidor helps keep your cigars fresh and secure while at home or on the go.

2. Cutter

A cutter is a good gift for your smoking friends because it helps them reduce the number of cigars they smoke. It is also a delightful gift because cigar cutters are made from different materials. You can find wooden ones, stainless steel, iron, and plastic ones. Also, there are different types of cigar cutters that you can choose from. Some types are straight cut, blunt cut, and double action. It is a great gift since it helps smokers cut their cigars into smaller pieces to be ready to smoke whenever they want to enjoy a cigar.

3. Customized Cufflinks

Smoking enthusiasts will surely appreciate your gift if you buy some customized cufflinks. These are cufflinks that you can customize and make personal to them. You can also put their logo on it and make it even more special for them. For example, you can gift them with smoking cufflinks to wear when they go out. This is a great gift because it’s personal and can be worn all the time.

4. Pipes

Pipes are one of the most common gifts smoking enthusiasts receive. They are great gifts for birthday presents because they can use them in any situation. You can use pipes to smoke cigars, cigarettes, or herbs. It is a great gift to someone who loves smoking because you know they will use the pipe a lot. Also, there are many different types of pipes, so you can find one that will fit your budget. For example, you can buy a dab kit, a special type of bong used to vaporize concentrates such as shatter and oil without the need for combustion.

5. Lighters

A lighter is a great gift that you can purchase for smoking enthusiasts during their birthday because it’s useful for them since they can light up their cigars or cigarettes easily. Also, it will help them out in public when they want to smoke their cigars or cigarettes. Additionally, it can be helpful to buy them lighters since they are compact and you can easily carry them in your pocket.

6. Cigars

Buying some cigars for a smoking enthusiast would be great. Because it’s a gift that will bring a nice gesture and they will appreciate you for buying them something that they like. You can also get them some kinds of cigars that they might not have tried before or give them more variety of the types of cigars they smoke.

7. Leather Cases

It would help if you bought some leather cases for smokers. This is a great gift because they will be able to keep their cigars or cigarettes safe and secure in this leather case when they are out at bars or restaurants with smoking areas in the establishment. Also, it’s great because it will help cigar and cigarette smokers to protect their cigars and cigarettes from getting damaged during the transport or storage process and keep them secure while they are on the go.


These are all great gifts for smoking enthusiasts because they will help them enjoy their cigars and cigarettes while they are out and around. Therefore, you can give them something that will make their smoking experience more enjoyable. Also you can help them keep their cigars secure and safely transport them wherever they go.