Your kids have been bugging you for bunk beds, but should you give in to their request? Here are five reasons why loft beds are perfect for kids.

They Save Space

If you have more children than rooms in your home, you’ll be able to fit two children in a room without taking up all of their play space with a second bed. Loft beds usually come with storage compartments, so this can eliminate the need for a separate toy box. If you are getting a bunk bed for a single child, one of the bunks can be used to hold stuffed animals, pillows, and extra blankets.

Kids Love Them

You will be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t want a bunk bed. Even single children love the idea of being able to choose top or bottom bunk. If your child has trouble sleeping in their own bed, getting them a bunk bed may make bedtime more relaxing and fun. Loft beds are available in thousands of styles and colors, so you can choose a bed that matches your child’s room.

They are Safe

Many parents believe that loft beds are unsafe, but as long as you choose a sturdy, high-quality frame and follow the safety guidelines, loft beds are perfectly safe for children. Loft beds are made much safer now than they used to be, and most injuries are caused by improper use, not by the bed itself. Loft beds should be set against two perpendicular walls, and only children over six within the proper weight limit should sleep on the top bunk.

They Can Help Your Kids Bond

Children who share a room with a sibling will have more time to bond and play together. While older children may resent having to share a room with their siblings, young kids may enjoy the comfort of having their brother or sister nearby when it’s dark. Loft beds allow your children to comfortably share a room, and the frame is perfect for building a bottom-bunk blanket fort on a rainy day.

They are Perfect for Guests

If you have loft beds, you’ll always have a spare bed available for sleepover guests. Nobody will have to sleep on the floor when your child’s cousins and friends stay over. On top of that, loft beds make sleepovers way more fun.
Overall, bunk beds make life easier and more fun for you and your kids, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.