One of the great things about owning or renting a house is having a yard surrounding the home. You don’t hear other tenants through an apartment wall, and your family gets some actual breathing room in every direction. However, that space might get eaten up if your yard isn’t properly cleared out. Fortunately, there are ways to do that to enjoy the most space possible.

Push Back the Plants

If you want an open space in your yard for family and friends to enjoy, then plants might be in the way. Reconsider your landscaping, and think about removing bushes, trees, and shrubs in the center of the yard. Putting plants around the perimeter means they can act as a natural boundary and scenic backdrop while leaving a free area in the middle that feels bigger than before.

Create More Storage

Rather than having things just laying out around the yard and visually cluttering up the space, create specific storage spaces to keep things out of the way. Gardening tools should be kept out of sight in a closet, and cushions for lawn chairs can get stowed neatly in a chest that might also double up as more seating.

Consider RV Storage

Having a recreational vehicle to enjoy is certainly a plus in life, but it can also eat up a lot of real estate in your yard. This is especially true during the long seasons you might not even be using your RV. RV storage at an off-site facility means you can reclaim that part of your yard while knowing your vehicle is safe and sound where it is.

Teach Your Kids About Outdoor Rooms

Whether you have a physical outdoor kitchen and entertaining space or not, you should teach your kids to think about the backyard like it’s another room of the house. It’s a great place for them to spend time and play, but it also needs to be kept organized and cleaned up most of the time. That goes a long way in minimizing the clutter and tripping hazards.

You might think at first that your spacious yard can’t get crowded, but life gets in the way. Your car probably gets cluttered up fairly regularly, and your home maybe even more so. Now you know some ways to clear your yard to get more space. Make sure you clean regularly to enjoy it to its fullest potential.