Male technician cleaning air conditioner indoors. technician service cleaning the conditioner

There are ways to prevent HVAC units from breaking down and needing high-cost repairs. You are advised to perform regular maintenance that takes only minutes to do and requires no special skills or tools. There are four ways to restore the effectiveness of your heater or air conditioner. 

1. Replace Your Filter During Summer

When possible, replace your air conditioner’s filter every three months. However, it’s highly recommended that you replace the AC filter during the hottest months of the year. The reality is that a lot of homeowners forget to replace their filters regularly. A dirty filter can limit your system’s airflow and can put unnecessary strain on the AC.  It’s more effective to do during the summer when you use the A/C nearly every day. 

2. Clean the Vents

Cleaning your HVAC unit is as simple as wiping down the vents with a cloth or duster. Clogged vents create little to no airflow. A buildup of debris can even cause mold to grow inside your HVAC system. Ideally, clean the vents, ducts, coils, and all other parts that affect your system’s efficiency. 

3. Monitor Your Thermostat

In order to keep your HVAC system in excellent condition, consider using your HVAC in moderation to prevent strain. It’s common to have an HVAC unit running all day long, even when no one is home. Avoid the need for costly repairs by reducing the use of your AC or heater. Few households need to have an AC running seven hours straight when the hottest times of day last only a few hours. 

Programmable thermostats were invented to address this problem of energy wastage. A smart thermostat switches on and off on its own after the room reaches a certain temperature or based on the controls that you set. Homeowners no longer have to deal with the manual task of switching the unit on and off. 

4. Monitor the Energy Bills

You often know there’s a problem with electrical appliances by looking at the energy bills. Analyze the average costs that you pay month by month. You can expect your HVAC bills to be higher during the hottest and coldest months. Also, check for gradual increases in costs. This could mean a leak or other problem that is reducing the efficiency of your AC. If this is the case, look for an HVAC repair service that can care for your air conditioner. Relying on a professional to fix your system will minimize strain on your system and will help it run more efficiently. 

Every HVAC system has the ability to leak, burn, sputter or break down altogether. These problems cause your system to run harder and more slowly than normal. Every HVAC owner, regardless of skill or experience, can perform easy maintenance tasks to keep the home running in its best condition.