Boosting your home’s curb appeal can improve your home’s value. Plus, it can make your home easier to sell if you put it on the market. Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value or attract potential homebuyers, here are 10 ways to spruce up your home’s curb appeal.

1. Revamp the Front Door

If your front door looks drab and neglected, visitors and potential buyers may think your home isn’t well-maintained. Revamp your front door by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Paint it a bold color like red or orange to make it stand out. Alternatively, go with a neutral color like brown or beige for a classic look. Besides painting, you can also improve your front door by updating worn-out door hardware like old doorknobs and knockers.

2. Light Up the Outside

A well-lit exterior can make your home feel warm and inviting. Plus, it can enhance safety. That’s why many buyers consider good exterior lighting a top priority when looking to buy a new home. Add solar lights along your walkway and low-voltage landscape lighting to improve your home’s curb appeal.

3. Pressure Wash Pathways

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate along pathways and make your home look unsightly. Pressure wash your driveway and walkway to eliminate dirt and grime from your pathways. While you’re at it, inspect the paver and stepping stones along your walkway to ensure they’re firmly in place.

4. Add Potted Plants

If your home’s front entrance feels like a barren wasteland, consider adding potted plants. Not only will potted plants breathe life and color to your home, but they’ll also make it look cheery and inviting. Just ensure you pick plants that do well all year round so that you don’t have to constantly keep up with maintenance.

5. Maintain Windows

Dirty windows not only make a bad first impression, but they can also reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Clean your windows to make your home look bright and inviting. While you’re at it, inspect your windows for any signs of damage. If you encounter any damage, consider calling window installers in Denver or professionals in your area to get your windows replaced.

6. Maintain the Lawn

When people drive up to your home, one of the first things they’ll notice is your lawn. If it isn’t well maintained, prospective homebuyers may decide to drive past your home. Entice prospective homebuyers to visit your home by keeping up with lawn maintenance. Rake fallen leaves, mow the grass and remove weeds. Then, water and fertilize the grass to keep it looking lush and attractive. If you live in a region where grass doesn’t do well, consider lawn grass alternatives like groundcovers, ornamental grass, or artificial turf.

7. Upgrade the Garage Door

If your garage door isn’t in good condition, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Update its hardware or paint it to give it a makeover. Alternatively, replace it if you want to make a huge impact. While replacing your garage door may be costly, it’s a home improvement project with one of the best returns on investment.

8. Add Outdoor Seating

Putting chairs on your front porch or yard is an excellent way to show prospective buyers your home is warm and inviting. Add some chairs to your front porch or yard and complement them with outdoor cushions, pillows, and rugs that match your home’s style.

9. Update the Mailbox

Your mailbox may not be the most prominent feature of your home, but if it looks like it’s seen better days, it can ruin your home’s curb appeal. Give it an upgrade by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively, replace it if it’s worn out. Just ensure you adhere to the height regulations in your area if you decide to replace it.

10. Upgrade Your House Number

Nothing frustrates potential homebuyers more than being unable to find a house. If your house has faded or outdated numbers, you may struggle to sell your home. Update your house numbers to make your home easy to find. Look for contemporary house numbers made from brass or aluminum to make your home stand out. Just be sure to pick a style with a font that’s legible from a distance so that visitors and potential buyers won’t miss your home.


Ultimately, your home is like a book. People will judge it by its exterior. If it looks unsightly on the outside, people won’t want to see what it looks like on the inside. That’s why maintaining curb appeal is crucial. Use these 10 tips to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.