Date nights are perfect for couples to connect with each other because life gets hectic and wild. It’s easy to let your relationship fall on the back burner when there are a lot of other tasks to manage. However, date nights at home can be a great way to remain intentional about connecting as they also ease the pressure. You don’t have to look or feel perfect in order to have a great date night. However, there are a few tips you can utilize in order to make home date night more enjoyable.

Create a Date Night Jar

Whether you two opt to peruse through Pinterest boards or Google, look for ideas to implement at home. If you two have a backyard, you can set up a romantic tent for a romantic dinner outside. Think about activities that intrigue you. Write them all down on small strips of paper. Toss all of the ideas in a jar, and pull one out a week before. You two will have a week to make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming date.

Set the Mood

One of the best ways to feel like you two are enjoying an exclusive date night is by setting the mood. If there’s a room in the house you two don’t use often, use that room in order to set the mood. Take it up a notch for date night by installing a projector and a UTV sound bar system to get a deluxe experience for the movie night. Enjoy your dinner by candlelight, and toss rose petals all over the floor. These seemingly small details can make a major difference in your experience with each other.

Agree or Compromise

In order to make sure your spirits remain high, focus on the time you’re spending with each other. This means you don’t want to argue. During date nights, make a concerted effort to agree or just focus on making a compromise. If you need to argue about something, do it once date night is over.

Order Takeout

One of the best parts of going out to a restaurant is that someone else prepares a delicious meal. If you two aren’t in the mood to cook, you can always order takeout. It takes the pressure off of you both. It also allows you two to spend more time focusing on each other.

As you get creative with your efforts, remember that it’s all about connecting. Put your phones down. In fact, if you’d like to take pictures, consider using a DSLR camera, a Polaroid camera or a disposable camera for added nostalgia. As you engage with each other and have a great time, you might even become inspired to create more epic date nights from the comfort of your home.