Of the many specializations within the law, elder law is one that is becoming increasingly important as a larger segment of the U.S. population turns 65 or older. Serving older clients and their families, elder law attorneys are different from estate planning attorneys. While estate planning attorneys deal primarily with asset distribution after death, elder law attorneys act as advocates for clients, stay up-to-date on state and federal regulations as they apply to seniors, and much more. If you believe you need the services of an elder law attorney, here is what you should expect.

Disability and Social Security

Whether it’s yourself or your parents applying for Social Security and disability benefits, you know how complex the process can be from beginning to end. Along with helping explain various rules and regulations, your elder law attorney can assist in filing claims and appeals, often the determining factor in whether you get the benefits you deserve or are turned down by bureaucrats.

Elder Abuse and Fraud

Unfortunately, many elderly individuals are victims of abuse or fraud each year. If you have a parent you suspect has been the victim of elder abuse in a nursing home or perhaps was the victim of financial fraud, it may be worth reaching out to an attorney at a law office. There are law offices with attorneys that specialize in elder law that can give you a better idea of how an elder law attorney may be of help to you and your family.

Employment and Housing Discrimination

Despite there being laws in place at state and federal levels, many seniors are subjected to employment and housing discrimination. Whether it’s being turned down for a job, terminated due to their age, or not being allowed to rent an apartment or house because they are older, you may find yourself needing an elder law attorney in these situations. Since your attorney would know the current laws that apply to these discriminatory situations, they could give you sound legal advice as to how you should proceed.

Fight for Your Rights

If there is one thing most elder law attorneys are known for, it is fighting hard for the rights of their clients. Whether you have been turned down repeatedly for disability benefits, lost your job due to age discrimination, or are a grandparent who has questions about your visitation rights regarding your grandchildren, an elder law attorney will listen to your concerns, examine key details of the case, and ensure your rights are always protected each step of the way.

Rather than let others deny you opportunities and benefits you deserve, hire an elder law attorney to protect your rights and hold others accountable for their actions.