If you are a person who enjoys working with your hands, doing work that must be very precise, and like the fast pace of an industrial environment, you may want to consider a career in welding. With a job in high demand within many industries, welders tend to enjoy high pay, job security, and the ability to find work virtually anywhere in the world. If you are an aspiring welder and are curious about the skills you will need to succeed in your profession, here are some of the top skills all welders should know.

Excellent Hand-Eye Coordination

Welding is very technically-challenging, making excellent hand-eye coordination a must-have for any aspiring welder. If you have this in addition to very steady hands, you’ll be in good shape when you begin your training program, since you will need all of these skills to learn different welding techniques, control weld pools, keep your welding tools steady, and make your welds strong and smooth.

Physical Strength and Endurance

Depending on the type of welding job you have, you will need a good amount of endurance and physical strength. Not only do welders need to stay in one position for long periods of time, but they sometimes have to lift heavy objects weighing up to 100 pounds.

Ability to Learn New Things

Welding has continued to evolve over the years just as many other industries have. By learning about what tools local shops use, you’ll see welders must have the ability to learn new things on a daily basis. For example, as a welder, you may find yourself working in a facility that uses robotic welding automation technology such as Hirebotics, meaning you may be in charge of operating sophisticated and cutting-edge machines. 

Attention to Details

Yes, you will need to be a person who pays attention to the smallest of details if you want to be an excellent welder. This can include such things as double-checking your equipment before starting a job, cleaning corrosion and grease from something you’re about to weld, following best practices guidelines to form a strong joint, and much more.

Be a Team Player

Finally, being a good team player will help make you an excellent welder and very valuable to your employer. By being reliable, easy to work with, and knowledgeable about your job, you’ll be the MVP of your welding team.

These skills, when combined with excellent math aptitude, an ability to read blueprints, and excellent communication skills, will all add up to a successful welding career. If you think you have what it takes for welding, a challenging and fulfilling career awaits.