You might be ready for summer even before spring flowers bloom and the days get noticeably longer. After being stuck inside for many months, you likely have lots of ideas about places to go and things to do. If you get time off work and the kids are out of school, then you have even more time to do all you want. However, even if you’re ready for summer, is your home also ready?

Window Seals Aren’t Tight

Your windows spent the winter keeping the heat in, but they’re about to keep heat out. Look over them for cracks and warping or any other visible issues. Ensure the seals are still tight. This is a great time to clean them inside and out so you keep enjoying the sun’s rays coming in.

The Grass Isn’t Growing

If your yard doesn’t start showing signs of life at the same time as your neighbors, then you might have issues with dead or dying plants. The soil might not be retaining moisture, and there might be a lack of nutrients. That can deprive you of a healthy, lush lawn to play and entertain on.

Your AC Is Out of Whack

Your air conditioner probably didn’t have much to do during the winter and early spring. You need to run it some before summer just to make sure it’s still ready to go. Poor humidity control, short cycling, foul odors, strange noises, and inefficient cooling are all indications that you should have the professionals of a local service provider like STA SO COOL HVAC stop by to look things over.

The Roof Is Damaged

Cold temperatures and winter storms can damage roof tiles and chimney exteriors. Whether you do the inspection yourself or hire a professional, make sure there aren’t any structural weaknesses. Damage like that could mean exterior issues become internal problems during that first summer storm.

All The Gutters Are Full

Summer can mean heavy rain in many places, and the leaves, twigs, and debris flowing through your system might clog them up to the point of being ineffective. Clearing this out removes a potential fire hazard.

Summer days might seem like they last forever, but summer itself won’t. If you want to spend more of your time doing the things you love with the people you love, then make sure your home is ready for summer in advance. That way, you’ll spend more time having fun instead of home maintenance.