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If you have a smartphone you absolutely love, the last thing you want to do is have it start to experience problems. When it does, you may automatically assume this means you’ll need a new phone. However, as the technology used to make phones has actually simplified in recent years, more people are now able to repair their phones. If you’re wondering whether or not your phone can be repaired by you or a pro, here are four signs a repair job may be in the cards.

It Still Turns On

If your phone still comes on after it has been dropped on the floor or into the water, that is always a good sign. As you know, placing a wet cell phone inside a bed of dry rice can soak up the excess moisture from within your phone. In many cases, once the rice works its magic, your phone can operate as it was prior to your accident. If your cell phone turns on but dies quickly, it’s possible that the repair is simple. In some cases, all you need is a new cell phone battery replacement. Some phones have a hatch that can be opened and the battery can be replaced simply. However, newer phone batteries tend to be more difficult to access and it is likely that you’ll need to work with a professional to prevent damage to your phone when replacing the battery.

The Screen is Cracked

If your phone’s screen is cracked but it is still displaying everything on the screen as it should, you can fix this yourself if you so choose. However, this will depend on whether or not the glass and digitizer are fused together. If they are, getting a second opinion from will be a smart option. While the repair can still be done, it will be too complex for a novice like yourself.

Buttons are Stuck or Loose

After you have used your phone for a long period of time, it may have buttons that become loose or get stuck when pushed. However, it isn’t the end of the world for your phone. Replacements can be purchased from the manufacturer or at tech stores and can be swapped out somewhat easily. Power and volume buttons tend to be the ones that go first on most phones.

Camera Issues

Like many other people, you love taking pictures with your phone. Over time, it’s possible the camera sensors may start to wear out, or the camera lens may be damaged after your phone has been dropped. If your handset is easy to open, a technician can replace sensors and the lens, often without having to remove the camera from your phone’s motherboard.

Whether you’ve got phone buttons that are getting stubborn, a screen that’s got a crack or two in it, or a camera lens that doesn’t quite measure up, all of these problems can be repaired in most cases. By letting a professional repair tech handle the job most of the time, your phone will be good as new.