There’s nothing like opening the box on a new iPad. With a press of the power button, you’re suddenly checking items off your to-do list and creating new things. What happens, though, if you accidentally drop your iPad, breaking the glass? One potential way to make this event less gut-wrenching is to invest in insurance for your new iPad. Given the different circumstances of various iPad owners, though, it’s important to consider a few variables before agreeing to purchase insurance.

Case Quality

One variable that should factor into your decision on insurance is the quality of the case you use with your iPad. Not all cases are created the same. While some offer superior all-around protection against drops, spills, and other accidents, some mainly exist to look nice and prevent scratches. If you invest in a high-end iPad case, you may be able to forego insurance and trust in the case as your iPad’s insurance policy.

Normal Use

When it comes to insurance, something else to consider is how you normally use your iPad. If you’re a construction worker, for example, and often take your iPad to your job sites, insurance can provide a great value since there’s a much higher chance that something will happen to your iPad. On the other hand, if you regularly use your iPad in a controlled environment, insurance might not make much sense.

Repair Options

The primary purpose of iPad insurance is to help you cover the costs of repairing your iPad. However, if you have inexpensive repair options close to where you live, it may make more sense to take the risk and depend on a local iPad screen replacement company to take care of any problems. It’s important to research repair costs for your specific iPad model since the prices can vary widely across the iPad lineup.

Insurance Quality

As with any insurance policy, it’s essential to consider the quality of the insurance before you decide to invest. Start by reading the fine print to find out if there are any exclusions to your coverage that could cause problems if you need to make a claim. You’ll also need to fully understand the premium and deductible costs to ensure you don’t end up spending more than you would pay to repair your iPad at full cost.

Part of the Purchase Cost

If you want to purchase insurance for your iPad, it’s important to factor that into the upfront purchase price. Finding a great deal on an iPad doesn’t mean much if you end up overspending on insurance. Once you account for all the costs, you can truly see whether or not you’re getting a good value for your money.