Pre-med students have so much help at their disposal, from virtual anatomy labs to online practice tests. There are tons of resources out there for curious students. The quest to become a doctor can be long and challenging. Thus, these resources make the experience easier and more enjoyable. 

Here are some of the most useful free educational resources for pre-med students.

Use Khan Academy for Free Study Guide

The Khan Academy is a valuable resource for all types of high school and college students. Their biology section has hundreds of videos covering everything. This is from biochemistry to microbiology to cells and more. There are also related practice problems, so you can test your knowledge in areas you need the most help.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

The AAMC is a non-profit organization representing all U.S. medical schools. They also represent several teaching hospitals. Their website has tons of helpful information for pre-med students. The website includes forums where you can ask questions related to medical school admissions or education. And if you’re preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), they offer several official MCAT study tips. They’re worth checking out for pre-med students.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

This site provides detailed information about colleges and universities across the country. It includes statistics on enrollment costs, graduation rates, and retention rates of students. If you want to find the most qualified professors in medicine, this is a great place to start research.


Quizlet is a website with millions of pre-made flashcards. You can find ones that other people have made and use them as study guides, or you can make your own. You can choose between making it private or public and sending it to specific people for them to see. This means that if your professor has provided their students with study guides, then they will most likely be on Quizlet. Thus, as a pre-med student, you can find questions and study how they offer tests in medical schools.

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Office at Your University

This should be your first stop and the primary resource you use as an undergrad. Make sure you register with your school’s pre-med office early in your college career. To allow you to know about all the events, opportunities, and resources available to you. Every university is different. But, most pre-med offices will have options for volunteering or research opportunities. The offices will also offer MCAT prep courses and seminars on applying to medical school. Use them as much as possible to familiarize yourself with medical school.

MedSchoolCoach’s YouTube Channel

MedSchoolCoach’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for pre-med students. Also crucial for those looking to brush up on some interview skills. Their videos cover topics like selecting your major and extracurricular activities. They help in writing a personal statement and preparing for medical school.

The National Health Service Corps

The National Health Service Corps provides scholarships and loan repayment programs to students. Those who commit to working in underserved communities after graduation. They ask that you give your time while still in school in exchange for financial support. You can give your time by volunteering at free clinics and other organizations.

Med School Insiders

Med School Insiders offers free MCAT prep guides for choosing suitable pre-med classes. They also provide tips for applying to medical school. They offer several premium services that help students prepare for the MCAT. They aim to assist students in reaching their goals and pass on their passion for medicine.

Online Medical Courses

Many pre-medical students choose to take online courses before starting their undergraduate studies. The online platform offers many courses that would be useful before beginning university. The courses include Science and Math Fundamentals. Also, the courses on Biology and Chemistry basics. These courses provide an affordable way of learning medicine before entering medical school.

Wrapping Up

The resources above are great tools to help you get through your academic career. They can assist you with time management, test-taking, and studying. They can also help in finding scholarships and more. These tools can also be helpful for medical students and pre-med students. With these resources and extra guidance, you will be on the right path to becoming a successful medical student or physician.