Many married couples, unfortunately, call it quits for various reasons. Certain types of conflict lead to divorce more than common personality differences or ways of doing things. Here are five sources of marital problems and how to keep them from ruining your marriage.

Money Disagreements

Divorce lawyers often claim that a couple’s differing attitudes toward money are the leading cause of divorce. In previous generations, wives stayed more at home while husbands held public jobs. His income and her domestic work often worked in tandem to keep the family stable. In recent generations, women have entered the workforce in growing numbers, creating two-income families. This sometimes leads to conflict about how the money should be handled. Many times, the couple cannot agree on how much to save versus how much to spend and what to buy. Contact a divorce attorney for suggestions on how to handle these differences and avoid divorce court.

Lack of Intimacy

Busy spouses, especially those with families, sometimes lack the time or energy to nurture their spouse or themselves. They end up feeling exhausted and frustrated, with little time for relaxing or fun. As the marriage grows dull and becomes neglected, the spouses drift apart and eventually give up on their marriage. Spend at least thirty minutes each day focusing exclusively on each other with a back massage, foot rub, shared reading or watching TV to make each other feel loved.

Children’s Issues

Whether and when to have kids as well as how to raise them can lead to issues that cause couples to fight. If they can’t agree on decisions about education, extracurricular activities, online participation, and religious upbringing, the spouses may decide they can no longer work together on their marriage or in raising a family. Negotiating these issues by listening first and then responding respectfully can help the couple find common ground and save their marriage.


Trust and honesty are essential for any healthy relationship to thrive. If one or both partners keep secrets or lie about their activities, the marriage will probably weaken and die. Couples must learn to trust each other and be honest in order to build a lasting relationship.

Insufficient Quality Time

If spouses are too busy to include each other in making decisions or sharing social activities, a lifestyle division may be forming that could split the couple eventually. Take time to discuss important issues and make joint decisions. Share activities as a couple and as a family. Too much alone time is not healthy for a marriage.

Conclusively, designating specific times to develop a healthy marriage and showing respect even during disagreements can help couples to overcome the pitfalls of married life. Evaluate your marriage to identify potential problems like these, and start working on them now to keep your marriage happy and healthy.