A wedding is a packed and momentous occasion, and finding a team to walk with you is a blessing. As the bride, you can show your appreciation by gifting the bridal team with unique gift baskets. So, here are eight unique and sweet ideas for gift baskets for your awesome, dependable bridal party.

Personalized Stationery

Your team has walked with you all along the journey to your big day and appreciation with a personal touch is the least you can do for them. Stationery has small pieces that will go a long way in memory for the part they played in your wedding. 

When you make them personalized, it shows attention and effort in returning value for what they have done in your wedding. You will show genuine value and an appreciation for all that and the art they had in your success.

Beauty Assortment Pack

When the bridesmaids and bridal team look good, it makes the occasion even more glamorous. Since the members will need beauty items for the big day, you can show your love to them by gifting them something too. 

There are many good things you can buy, from lip gloss, a make-up kit, to fragrances. These things have ladies feeling good and confident, so why not gift them something that will foster such feelings?

Custom Made Jewelry

Gifts are about sentiment, and custom-made jewelry is one idea that gives that feeling. There are small pieces you can custom engrave with names and initials. A necklace, wristwatch, chain, and earrings are all good ones. 

The sentiment in small pieces is that your bridal party can wear them often and keep them for a long time. The gift will stay as a memory of the day, sacrifices, and things you shared in the journey. You can make the jewelry more personalized by putting something that matches each of your bridesmaids’ personalities.

Bridesmaid Carry Case

That fancy small clutch where the bridesmaids can put their things is a good idea. You can make them in colors and patterns that match the wedding theme and dress. More about this gift idea is that they get to use it during the wedding and after. The maids will carry the case with good memories of their attachment to the occasion. Carry cases are also high there on the best things that they would love and have during and after the wedding.


Your gift ideas can be more creative, even beyond the limited things your bridal party can wear and carry. A cookbook is one such gift that goes beyond the wedding and into the homes and lives of your team. The nice cookbooks come with different recipes and guides on things one can cook in their kitchens. 

By gifting cookbooks, you are building a home cooking culture and a sentiment that would cultivate something long-term for your friends. Even as you go to your marriage, they will think about it and enjoy nice home-cooked meals while at it.

Coffee Hamper

Still, on the diverse and creative theme of things that go past the wedding day, a coffee hamper is one good one, too. The hamper can have a mug, coffee sachets, and a coffee maker if your budget allows. You can make this gift even more special by branding and engraving the mugs with theme colors and memories of the wedding day. 

The coffee hamper will have the same sentiments and values that make good memories for long. Gifting good drinks genuinely demonstrates gratification and appreciation. It is a really useful gift too, as your team enjoys the day and reflects with a cup of sweet coffee at home.

Candles and Candle Holders

The momentous feeling of love and celebration can live on past the wedding for your bridal party. Therefore, a gift of candles gives the team something to enjoy for years to come. 

You can get a good deal for wholesale votive candle holders to go with the candles. Nice ones come with a ceramic feel and precious ornamental stones that speak your appreciation and communicate love sentiments. You can have them in sizes and shapes to add on the unique touch and feel.

Pink Roses Bouquet

A bouquet speaks love and cherished moments. No beauty is better than a bouquet of pink roses on that big day. Your maids can hold them, pose for pictures, flaunt them and keep them for a few days in their vases at home. The joy and celebrations around your wedding will go home with them and make some good memories for the team.

Closing Remarks

Your team has held your hand all along to the big day. Use the above ideas to make bridal party gift baskets that will surely be a sweet and well-deserved token of appreciation for your hard-working and supportive squad of ladies.